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Read Teacher Reviews - Jayalekshmy Harish

Review of Jayalekshmy Harish by Anna and all follow-up messages:

Rating Comments
Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Anna
August 12, 2018

Lead Acquired:
April 18, 2018

Hours of Instructions:
Can recommend her 100%

Jaya is a great teacher! She is able to teach and explain Malayalam, a very difficult language for people who are not mother tongue. Though having Malayalee parents, Malayalam was never my Mother tongue and I knew some words and phrases, but could never get a structure into it. Already after some Skype hours, Jaya could help me understand the grammar like no one could explain it to me before. She also sends you audio files after class, in order to practice the pronunciation which is very helpful.
Jaya is 100% reliable, motivating, patient and flexible. Though the time difference (I'm in Europe, she in the US) we could make it work over Skype.
Thanks Jaya for the classes so far - looking forward to continue! ;)

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Lisa Valencia-Svensson
June 21, 2018

Lead Acquired:
March 10, 2018

Hours of Instructions:
Very good Malayalam instructor

Jaya is a great language instructor. She is super patient, helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly has a good sense of humour. Because learning Malayalam as an English speaker is a challenge! Her materials for someone who wants to learn both speaking and writing Malayalam are also very thorough, and she provides audio files of all the lessons as well, which are extremely helpful. I have taken about ten hours of classes with her so far, and am looking forward to many more.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Leanne
November 3, 2016

Lead Acquired:
May 3, 2015

Hours of Instructions:
Awesome Malayalam Teacher

Jaya is an excellent teacher. Jaya is very prepared and her lessons are well structured. She customises the classes to support your learning outcomes. Jaya has great notes and audio files to support studying to learning a new language. Her lessons via Skype are really great. Jaya is a very good and patient teacher. Jaya is friendly and we have a lot of fun in the classes. Highly recommend Jaya if you are wanting to learn Malayalam.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Prisca
April 16, 2016

Lead Acquired:
December 26, 2015

Hours of Instructions:
Want to learn Malayalam...look no further than Jaya!

Jaya LH is awesome! If you want to learn Malayalam, she can provide you with the resources to learn this tough language. She is very patient with me, knows how to teach, and is very helpful.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: learner
September 22, 2015

Lead Acquired:
August 12, 2013

Hours of Instructions:
Jaya is an excellent teacher

Jaya is an excellent teacher. She has been teaching our daughter who is now 8. She is patient, and engaging with children. She can tailor lessons to meet a student's needs. Our daughter enjoys her lessons very much, and we would recommend her to all.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Division Bell
October 21, 2013

Lead Acquired:
August 6, 2013

Hours of Instructions:
Excellent Malayalam Teacher

Having spent over 20 hours with Jaya on one-on-one lessons, I found her to be an excellent teacher. She has the ability to quickly catch on to your pace learning and tailors all lessons appropriately.

I like the fact that she includes Malayalam grammar in her lessons. It is definitely easier to learn a language when you understand the grammar as well. There is enough homework to keep you honest (that's a good thing!)

I would definitely recommend her to anyone wishing to learn Malayalam.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: James
April 21, 2013

Lead Acquired:
November 30, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Very satisfied

I have found Jaya to be a very good teacher of Malayalam. She was able to taylor the lessons to my specific needs and concentrate on the areas I was finding most difficult. Jaya speaks English fluently and was able to explain the grammatical and idiomatic differences between the two languages in a very intuitive way.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Lucy
February 15, 2013

Lead Acquired:
November 18, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
A fantastic teacher

Jaya's lessons are well prepared and clearly presented. She is a lovely teacher who really helps you with pronunciation and vocabulary and finds ways to make words that you find difficult to pronounce easy. She also provides useful resources so you can practice the language in your own time in preparation for your next lesson. I really enjoy her lessons and look forward to learning more. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Victoria
December 8, 2012

Lead Acquired:
November 6, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Amazing Malayalam teacher!!!

Jaya Lekshmy is a fantastic Malayalam teacher. Her lessons are very well organized and are tailored to each person's learning level. She is punctual, engaging, and very helpful. She always has really useful tips for Malayalam pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. I very highly recommend her as a teacher, and plan to take a lot more classes with her!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Irene
October 16, 2012

Lead Acquired:
September 7, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
This teacher is really good and enthousiasmic

This teacher's a really good teacher

I started with no knowledge of the language.
She use video and write down on skype everything that is not clear and verify all the time that I have understood what she spoke before to start something else

But already I begin to speak the language and I just started there just few weeks earlier.

Also, you have to give this quality Jaya is an extraordinary patience.

It renews and makes the matter still interesting, very pleasant to study with her because for me I do not have anyone else with whom I can practice malayanam ...

I did learn other languages and she is really good I can compare,

One word: She the best to me!

Nenni Jaya!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Verdura
October 12, 2012

Lead Acquired:
August 4, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Highly Recommended: Engaging and Dependable

Jaya is an effective, engaging teacher in our Malayalam lessons via Skype. She is punctual, organized, and efficient with our lesson time together. I like that she gives constructive feedback on my pronunciation and tailors her lessons to my interests. I highly recommend her.

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