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Read Teacher Reviews - Lylian Zhang

Review of Lylian Zhang by Jim Vinson and all follow-up messages:

Rating Comments
Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Jim Vinson
January 17, 2021

Lead Acquired:
March 21, 2020

Hours of Instructions:
Lylian Zhang is an excellent teacher and GPA is wonderful

My teacher is very effective at helping you get over the plateaus of language learning. Her experience helps her identify what each student needs and how best to help them. She doesn’t scold her students for not remembering vocabulary words instead she uses positive reinforcement. Her classes are fun. If you are a practitioner of TPR or TPRS GPA is a continuation of these language learning modalities. I have been pleasantly surprised with Mrs. Zhang. If you are interested in learning mandarin I hope you give Mrs. Zhang and GPA a try. Thank you

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Pauline
January 17, 2021

Lead Acquired:
October 7, 2020

Hours of Instructions:
Best Chinese teacher ever !

I highly recommand Lylian Zhang as a Chinese teacher. She is patient, kind and at the same time motivating and brings you challenges.
She is flexible and adapt her teaching methods and materials : videos, articles, pictures...
I learned and still do learn a lot of things with her. Moreover she takes time to prepare the lessons and revise your homework. I always wait for my class with great enthousiasm !

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: gemma
February 15, 2019

Lead Acquired:
January 7, 2019

Hours of Instructions:

I just had - and thoroughly enjoyed - my trial lesson with Lianyu .. and am delighted.

I am not a beginner (languages are my passion) and Lianyu is by far the best teacher I have met - ever.

Not only is she at all times aware of your specific needs, kind and easy going ..
her approach is also highly professional and more than generous .. with sending a personalized list and the corresponding recording of the mosts important words that came up during class.

Truly excellent!

Very happy to have found Lianyu ;-)


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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Natty_Kob
June 18, 2015

Lead Acquired:
June 18, 2015

Hours of Instructions:
Lylian is an experienced, professional and understanding teacher

I started learning Mandarin from zero. It's been a year since May 2014 and now I can't beleive I'm able to speak Chinese!
My job is a shift work so I need to arrange the lessons on weekly basis which Lylian arranged it so well. She's reliable and punctual.
Lylian used GPA method which comblined of pictures and kid's books. These study materials helped me a lot to remember the vocabularies (it likes memory recalled). After learnt lots of vocabularies and listened to her speaking in Chinese, I started to speak step by step. I found it's quite hard however, Lylian was very patient and hard working. She knew my weakness and helped me to overcome it!
I'm not only study speaking but also study reading and writing. We started from Pinyin, tones, radicals and now I'm studying characters. It's talented!!
Now I'm doing phase 3 which concentrated on daily life conversation and speak more naturally. We shared our life's stories, watched cartoons and telling fairy tales.
I enjoyed her teaching a lot. It's comfortable and variety.
If you are looking for an experienced, professional and understanding teacher, Lylian is the best choice! Cheers!

Thanks Natty!

I am always happy to see your improvement and now your experience became the encouragement for the other students^^

The most hard part for studying Chinese might be:perseverance! I am quite surprised too that you can keep aournd 40hrs classes per month regularly and constantly while you have to work full time!

You learn fast,have good memory and good attitude! Now we are in Phase 3, it's more interesting as we share life experience a lot. Let's continue to enjoy every lesson!

- Lylian Zhang
- July 8, 2015

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Ivone
July 21, 2014

Lead Acquired:
November 19, 2013

Hours of Instructions:
Love her GPA teaching method

Lylian is a great and lovely teacher

Her teaching style is geared towards my strengths and weaknesses yet she’s flexible to change her style to meet my specific needs during the learning progress.

I like the practical words that she teaches, which will make students speak more naturally.

Last but not least, I love her GPA style approach: learning through pictures, and life experiences.
What could be easier than discussing topics/things that are closer to your life/heart?

She is organized, reliable, and very friendly.

I STRONGLY recommend her class!

Thanks Ivone^^

When I first met you, you told me you are from a Chinese backgroud family but you only studied Chinese a little bit when you were young. So you were like a beginner.But you watch Chinese TV drama often.

Though now we just started Phase 2, GPA, I am very happy and impressed that every lesson, we can talk hot topics natuarally which we are supposed to do this activity in Phase 4, GPA. And you are a outgoing and happy person that always make me laugh and enjoy the class! Thanks!

- Lylian Zhang
- July 23, 2014

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Shawna
July 10, 2014

Lead Acquired:
July 9, 2014

Hours of Instructions:
Professional, high standards, encouraging, excel a students learning capability

My husband and I began taking Chinese classes from Lylian in 2012 and so far we have been taking around 960-hour lessons. We were recommended to her class by Matt & Seyan, who were recommended by Andy & Mia.

I found that her approach and willingness to work with my strengths and abilities allowed for me to grow quickly and confidently in my speaking ability. I have two children and my time to study was often limited, however Lylian took the time to work with my schedule and was very effective in how she reviewed and focused on my weak areas.

As a teacher she was willing to use a approach to learning that allowed me to learn like a child. She helped me first in my listening skills then speaking skills. We used a learning approach that was not textbook, and I found that I was quickly able to engage in simple conversations with my local Chinese friends and vendors. Through listening and telling stories I was able to pick up Chinese grammar very quickly.

In class time we not only focused on tones and new words, but I was also introduced to new grammar by using it in practical ways. Lylian did not have me just repeating answers or filling in blanks, she challenged me to use the language and understand it in ways that I could then use with others. I have often been told by my Chinese speaking friends that they are amazed at how quickly I have learned Chinese (I am still learning and will always be learning). I owe this to my teacher who took the time to access my needs and used encouragement along with a very high standard. She always expected me to be prepared for class, but never belittled me when I was lacking in understanding a new or even old concept. I think if a student is looking for a traditional or untraditional approach to learning Chinese Lylian is the teacher to hire.

When I first began studying Mandarin with Lylian I knew no Chinese. She literally took me from being a baby in Mandarin and Chinese culture to being able to have deep and meaningful relationships here in China. Besides being very competent to teach a foreign the Chinese language, Lylian also does a very good job of teaching Chinese culture along the way.

Lylian has very good English which is helpful at the early stages of learning language and she is able to do a very good job of explaining the concepts of the Chinese language, not just expecting me to regurgitate a concept I didn’t understand.

We used a non-traditional approach to studying Chinese which is focused on developing a very strong listening ability so that when we learned to speak we would already have a large vocabulary and grammar base, much like a child when first learning to speak. Lylian’s willingness to use nontraditional approaches was a quick indicator that she would be good for teaching foreigners the Chinese language.

After about 3 months of studying with Lylian around 20 hours a week I was able to tell stories from my life experience and hold basic conversations with friends. By six months I was able to speak on a deeper level and by nine months was able to talk about many aspects of life and culture. After about 1.5 years of studying (not always at 20 hours a week – we eventually decreased to between 6-12 hours), I felt confident to face most situations in China, or have the ability to figure my way around a conversation that I was not familiar with.

I highly recommend studying with Lylian and believe that if you do, and work hard at your studies, you will be amazed at how quickly you can progress at this difficult language.

Thank you so much for your detailed reviews Shawna & Jon! I am so glad that I can walk with you from absolute beginners to advanced level! And always be proud of you when you say you can talk in Chinese with local people on deep topics or do research in the minority areas.

In the past two years I can see how hard you were working with your Chinese. You kept studying even you didn't feel well or on the plane for traveling! I believe that's why you can reach the goal in an efficient way!

- Lylian Zhang
- July 10, 2014

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: richard
January 16, 2012

Lead Acquired:
October 1, 2011

Hours of Instructions:
Lylian is a good teacher.

After our first conversation Lylian was able to create a full
Learning programme for me.
I find her to be very professional, reliabable, honest and understanding she has been and still is agreat help.

R Campn (director of Aark Building and design)

Thanks Richard ^^

- Lylian Zhang
- January 27, 2012

Thanks Richard^_^

- Lylian Zhang
- January 27, 2012

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: rick
May 17, 2011

Lead Acquired:
March 30, 2011

Hours of Instructions:
excellent, professional, prompt

miss zhang is an excellent teacher, she is prompt and professional, she is polite and her teaching methods are effective, she spends time preparing my lessons and i receive them in advance and this allows me to prepare for the class, i have been studying mandarin for 9 months and have had several teachers and she is the best one.

Thanks rick^_^

- Lylian Zhang
- May 25, 2011

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Andy
June 19, 2010

Lead Acquired:
April 11, 2010

Hours of Instructions:
An experienced, organised and friendly teacher

Miss Zhang is currently teaching us Mandarin in person for 9 hours a week. We have been her students for 2 months. We are happy with her teaching, no lessons were cancelled or rescheduled, and she has never been late. She's always prepared for the class and the lesson structure (design) is clear. She asks for our feedback and is flexible to change parts of our learning plan to meet our specific needs. She is teacher who is experienced, organised and friendly.

Thanks Andy & Mia^_^

- Lylian Zhang
- May 25, 2011

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