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Voice Chat FAQ's

1.  Why use My Language Exchange Voice Chat?
2.  Can I try it first?
3.  Is it free?
4.  How do I get AI credits?
5.  Which browser or device should I use?
6.  I have trouble with my audio.
7.  I want to make a suggestion.
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1. Why use My Language Exchange Voice Chat?

My Language Exchange Voice Chat is designed for language exchange conversation practice. With AI technologies, it is like having a bilingual friend with you. Features include:
  1. Auto speech recording. During a live call, the system automatically detects and records speech, so you can review later. No record button to worry about! Converse naturally. Never miss a phrase! Review later to train your ear. Hear your partner at slower or faster speeds.
  2. Live captioning in over 130 languages and local accents! "See" what your partner is speaking. This is especially helpful when conversing in your target language. This helps keep your conversation flowing and labels the speech recording so you can easily find recordings of interest later.
  3. Inline translation from over 80 languages! Translate any text or caption result into your native language. Use in auto mode in conjuction with live caption to see what your partner is saying in your native language in real-time!
  4. Add a comment or correction. Correct a live caption or any text message. Explain something you said or wrote!
  5. Universal. It runs on any device running Chrome or Safari - mobile or desktop! You can practice and review from anywhere.
  6. Leave voice or text messages You don't have to arrange a meeting and you can take your time consulting your learning resources like a dictionary.
  7. Integrated with the community. You can leave a voice or text message for any member you find in member's search of over 3 million members, if you are a gold member and meet the member's sender criteria.

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2. Can I try it first?

Yes! Explore the unique voice chat features at your own pace, by chatting to yourself. No partner to worry about. See how useful the features are, then find a partner.

Try voice chat now!

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3. Is it free?

It is free to reply to others who contact you first. To initiate a chat with someone, you need to be a gold member. See Membership FAQs. It is free to explore by chatting with yourself.

You get 100 free AI transactions (speech recognition, inline translation) every 30 days.

Beyond this, if you choose to use AI features, you will need to buy AI credits. Each transaction will cost as follows.
  1. Live caption: $0.016 per minute. Each utterance is rounded up to the next second.
  2. Translation: $0.00002 per character. 

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4. How do I get AI credits?

If you use up your free AI transactions and want to continue using AI features, you can buy AI credits here. We don't auto recharge your card.

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5. Which browser or device should I use?

You can use any device that runs a supported browser. We recommend Chrome on Android devices and Safari on Apple devices. Firefox is not supported.

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6. I have trouble with my audio

Please see our Tips and Troubleshooting page.

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7. I want to suggest a feature

We would love to hear your suggestions! Please send us a message at our contact us page.

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"We couldn't be happier with the exchange."
"Thank you for setting it all up."
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