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Chat Rooms

Online Chatrooms in Spanish, French, Chinese and Other Foreign Languages

Practice your foreign language by chatting with a native speaker of the language you are learning. Enter chat rooms now.

The Basics
What is a language exchange?
Why do a language exchange?
How to do a language exchange?
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Text Chat Features
Easy All you need is your browser. No download or special software is required. Chatting is just a few clicks away!* Enter chat rooms now.
* Only gold members can initiate chat. Please see membership details here.

Please turn off pop up blockers. Click here to see if you need to disable pop up blockers.
Safe This is a community of language learners who help each other learn through language exchange practice. It is a supportive environment where abusive behaviour is not tolerated.
Practice with Native Speakers The native and practicing languages of everyone in text chat is always available. Click here to see who is in text chat now.
Lesson Plans Nothing to talk about? No problem! We provide free lesson plans specifically designed for language exchange practice between native speakers. Designed by an expert in language exchange practice, these lesson plans are fun and will help you get effective foreign language practice from your text chat. Lesson plans are currently available in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Japanese and Korean. Click here to see the lesson plans.
Save Your Chat Session Save your entire text chat session to your computer. Review all that you have learned at a later time and continue to improve your foreign language skills!
Easily Insert Accented Characters Insert accented latin characters such as é or ñ with a single click.

How to Practice a Foreign Language Using Text Chat

  1. Review the practice tips and guidelines How to do a language exchange.
  2. Enter text chat to find a language exchange partner to chat with.
  3. If you can find someone to do a language exchange in the text chat, launch the chat companion to access lesson plans when you feel comfortable. Your partner must do the same. Have fun and learn!
  4. If you don't find anyone to practice with in text chat, find a partner by searching our member's database.
  5. Arrange to meet your partner in text chat at a certain time.
  6. At the time of your practice session, meet your partner in the text chat.
    Enter text chat now.
  7. Launch the chat companion to access the lesson plans.

Find a Text Chat Partner

Find all members who want language exchange practice via text chat.

Text Chat Partners - Express Find by Language
- Other - text chat
Afrikaans text chat
Akan text chat
Albanian text chat
Amharic (Ethiopian) text chat
Arabic, Egyptian text chat
Arabic, Middle Eastern text chat
Arabic, Moroccan text chat
Arabic, other text chat
Arabic, Palestinian text chat
Aramaic text chat
Armenian text chat
Assamese text chat
Assyrian text chat
Azerbaijani text chat
Bambara (Bamana) text chat
Baoulé (Baule, Bawule) text chat
Basque text chat
Bavarian (Austro-Bavarian) text chat
Belarusian text chat
Bemba (Chiwemba, Wemba) text chat
Bengali text chat
Berber (Tamazight) text chat
Bosnian text chat
Breton text chat
Bulgarian text chat
Burmese text chat
Cambodian (Khmer) text chat
Catalan text chat
Cebuano (Bisaya) text chat
Chichewa (Nyanja) text chat
Chinese, Cantonese text chat
Chinese, Mandarin text chat
Chinese, other text chat
Chinese, Taiwanese (Hokkien, Minnanhua) text chat
Chuvash (Bulgar) text chat
Creole text chat
Croatian text chat
Czech text chat
Danish text chat
Dutch text chat
English text chat
Esperanto text chat
Estonian text chat
Faroese text chat
Fijian text chat
Filipino (Tagalog) text chat
Finnish text chat
Fon (Dahomeen, Djedji, Fongbe) text chat
French text chat
Gaelic (Irish) text chat
Gaelic (Manx) text chat
Gaelic (Scottish) text chat
Galician text chat
Georgian text chat
German text chat
Greek text chat
Gujarati text chat
Hausa text chat
Hawaiian text chat
Hebrew text chat
Hindi text chat
Hmong text chat
Hungarian text chat
Icelandic text chat
Ido text chat
Igbo (Ibo) text chat
Indonesian (Bahasa) text chat
Interlingua text chat
Italian text chat
Japanese text chat
Kachchi text chat
Kannada text chat
Kazakh text chat
Kituba (Kikoongo, Munukutuba) text chat
Konkani text chat
Konkani (Kunabi, Cugani, Bankoti) text chat
Korean text chat
Kurdish text chat
Kyrgyz (Kara-Kirgiz, Kirghiz, Kirgiz) text chat
Ladino text chat
Lao text chat
Latin text chat
Latvian text chat
Ligurian text chat
Lingala (Ngala) text chat
Lithuanian text chat
Lombard text chat
Luxembourgeois (Luxemburgian) text chat
Macedonian text chat
Malagasy text chat
Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) text chat
Malayalam text chat
Maldivian (Dhivehi) text chat
Maltese text chat
Mandinka text chat
Maori (New Zealand Maori) text chat
Marathi text chat
Mongolian text chat
Montenegrin text chat
Native American (Ojibway, Cree...) text chat
Nepali text chat
Newari text chat
Norwegian text chat
Nyanja (Chewa, Chinyanja) text chat
Occitan (Occitani) text chat
Oriya text chat
Oromo (Oromoo , Oromiffa) text chat
Papiamento (or Papiamentu) text chat
Paraguayan Guarani text chat
Persian (Farsi, Dari) text chat
Polish text chat
Portuguese text chat
Pulaar text chat
Punjabi text chat
Purépecha (Tarascan) text chat
Pushto (Pashto) text chat
Quechua text chat
Rapa Nui text chat
Romanian text chat
Romansch text chat
Romany (Gypsy, Danubian) text chat
Rundi (Kirundi, Urundi) text chat
Russian text chat
Rwanda (Kinyarwanda) text chat
Saami (sami) text chat
Samoan text chat
Sanskrit text chat
Serbian text chat
Shona text chat
Sicilian text chat
Sindhi text chat
Sinhalese text chat
Slovak text chat
Slovenian text chat
Somali text chat
Spanish text chat
Swahili text chat
Swedish text chat
Swiss German text chat
Tajiki (Tajiki, Tadzhik) text chat
Tamil text chat
Tatar (Tartar) text chat
Telugu text chat
Tetum text chat
Thai text chat
Tibetan text chat
Tigrigna (Tigray, Tigrinya) text chat
Tok Pisin text chat
Tongan text chat
Tswana text chat
Tumbuka text chat
Turkish text chat
Ukrainian text chat
Urdu text chat
Uyghur (Wighor) text chat
Uzbek text chat
Venetian text chat
Vietnamese text chat
Welsh text chat
Wolof text chat
Xhosa text chat
Yiddish text chat
Yoruba text chat
Zulu text chat

Text Chat Partners - Express Find by Country
- Other - ( text chat)
Afghanistan (Afghani text chat)
Albania (Albanian text chat)
Algeria (Algerian text chat)
Andorra ( text chat)
Angola (Angolan text chat)
Argentina (Argentinian text chat)
Armenia (Armenian text chat)
Australia (Australian text chat)
Austria (Austrian text chat)
Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani text chat)
Bahamas (Bahaman text chat)
Bahrain (Bahrainian text chat)
Bangladesh (Bangladeshi text chat)
Barbados (Barbadian text chat)
Belarus (Belarusian text chat)
Belgium (Belgian text chat)
Belize (Belizean text chat)
Benin (Benin text chat)
Bermuda (Bermuda text chat)
Bhutan (Bhutanese text chat)
Bolivia (Bolivian text chat)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnian text chat)
Botswana (Batswana text chat)
Brazil (Brazilian text chat)
Bulgaria (Bulgarian text chat)
Burkina Faso (Burkina Faso text chat)
Burma (Myanmar) (Burmese text chat)
Burundi (Burundian text chat)
Cambodia (Cambodian text chat)
Cameroon (Cameroonian text chat)
Canada (Canadian text chat)
Cayman Islands (Caymanian text chat)
Central African Republic (Central African text chat)
Chad (Chad text chat)
Chile (Chilean text chat)
China (Chinese text chat)
Colombia (Colombian text chat)
Comoros (Comorian text chat)
Congo (Congoan text chat)
Costa Rica (Costa Rican text chat)
Croatia (Croatian text chat)
Cuba (Cuban text chat)
Curacao (Curacaoan text chat)
Cyprus (Cypriot text chat)
Czech Republic (Czech text chat)
Denmark (Danish text chat)
Dominican Republic (Dominican text chat)
Ecuador (Ecuadorian text chat)
Egypt (Egyptian text chat)
El Salvador (Salvadorian text chat)
Estonia (Estonian text chat)
Ethiopia (Ethiopian text chat)
Faroe Islands (Faeroe Islands) (Faroe Islands (Faeroe Islands) text chat)
Fiji (Fijian text chat)
Finland (Finnish text chat)
France (French text chat)
French Polynesia (French Polynesian text chat)
Gabon (Gabonese text chat)
Gambia (Gambian text chat)
Georgia (Georgian text chat)
Germany (German text chat)
Ghana (Ghanaian text chat)
Greece (Greek text chat)
Greenland (Greenland text chat)
Guam (Guam text chat)
Guatemala (Guatemalan text chat)
Guinea ( text chat)
Guyana (Guyanese text chat)
Haiti (Haitian text chat)
Honduras (Honduran text chat)
Hong Kong (Hong Kong text chat)
Hungary (Hungarian text chat)
Iceland (Icelandic text chat)
India (Indian text chat)
Indonesia (Indonesian text chat)
Iran (Iranian text chat)
Iraq (Iraqi text chat)
Ireland (Republic of) (Irish text chat)
Israel (Israeli text chat)
Italy (Italian text chat)
Ivory Coast (Ivory Coast text chat)
Jamaica (Jamaican text chat)
Japan (Japanese text chat)
Jordan (Jordanian text chat)
Kazakhstan (Kazakh text chat)
Kenya (Kenyan text chat)
Kuwait (Kuwaiti text chat)
Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan text chat)
Laos (Laotian text chat)
Latvia (Latvian text chat)
Lebanon (Lebanese text chat)
Liberia (Liberian text chat)
Libya (Libyan text chat)
Liechtenstein ( text chat)
Lithuania (Lithuanian text chat)
Luxembourg (Luxembourgian text chat)
Macedonia (Macedonian text chat)
Madagascar (Malgasy text chat)
Malawi (Malawian text chat)
Malaysia (Malaysian text chat)
Maldives (Maldivian text chat)
Mali ( text chat)
Malta (Maltese text chat)
Martinique (Martinique text chat)
Mauritania (Mauritanian text chat)
Mauritius (Mauritanian text chat)
Mexico (Mexican text chat)
Moldova (Moldovan text chat)
Monaco (Monacan text chat)
Mongolia (Mongolian text chat)
Montenegro ( text chat)
Morocco (Moroccan text chat)
Mozambique (Mozambican text chat)
Namibia (Namibian text chat)
Nepal (Nepalese text chat)
Netherlands (Dutch text chat)
New Caledonia (New Caledonia text chat)
New Zealand (New Zealand text chat)
Nicaragua (Nicaraguan text chat)
Niger (Nigerien text chat)
Nigeria (Nigerian text chat)
North Korea (North Korean text chat)
Norway (Norwegian text chat)
Oman (Omanian text chat)
Pakistan (Pakistani text chat)
Palestine (palestinian text chat)
Panama (Panamanian text chat)
Papua New Guinea (Papua New Guinean text chat)
Paraguay (Paraguayan text chat)
Peru (Peruvian text chat)
Philippines (Philippine text chat)
Poland (Polish text chat)
Portugal (Portuguese text chat)
Puerto Rico (Puerto Rican text chat)
Qatar (Qatari text chat)
Romania (Romanian text chat)
Russia (Russian text chat)
Rwanda (Rwandan text chat)
Saudi Arabia (Saudi text chat)
Senegal (Senegalese text chat)
Serbia (Serbian text chat)
Seychelles (Seychelles text chat)
Singapore (Singaporean text chat)
Slovakia (Slovak text chat)
Slovenia (Slovenian text chat)
Somalia (Somali text chat)
South Africa (South African text chat)
South Korea (South Korean text chat)
Spain (Spanish text chat)
Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan text chat)
Sudan (Sudanese text chat)
Suriname (Suriname text chat)
Sweden (Swedish text chat)
Switzerland (Swiss text chat)
Syria (Syrian text chat)
Taiwan (Taiwanese text chat)
Tajikistan (Tajikistan text chat)
Tanzania (Tanzanian text chat)
Thailand (Thai text chat)
Togo (Togolese text chat)
Trinidad and Tobago (Thai text chat)
Tunisia (Tunisian text chat)
Turkey (Turkish text chat)
Turkmenistan (Turkmen text chat)
Uganda (Ugandan text chat)
Ukraine (Ukrainian text chat)
United Arab Emirates (Emirati text chat)
United Kingdom (British text chat)
United States (American text chat)
Uruguay (Uruguayan text chat)
Uzbekistan (Uzbek text chat)
Venezuela (Venezuelan text chat)
Vietnam (Vietnamese text chat)
Yemen (Yemeni text chat)
Yugoslavia (Yugoslav text chat)
Zambia (Zambian text chat)
Zimbabwe (Zimbabwean text chat)

The Basics
What is a language exchange?
Why do a language exchange?
How to do a language exchange?
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