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Membership FAQ's

1.  Is It Free? What are the membership options?
2.  Why My Language Exchange?
3.  What are the Gold Membership prices and payment options?
4.  What is the refund policy?
5.  Why isn't everything free?

MyLanguageExchange.com is doing "extraordinary things online."

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it's the only way to learn.

Love, Samantha
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Is It Free? What are the membership options?

Many services are free. You can create a profile, say Hi, receive messages and reply to those messages for free. For a small fee, you can purchase a Gold Membership and initiate contacts with other members.

  Visitor Regular Member Gold Member
Maintain a Personal Profile No Yes Yes
Send Hi! No Send free Hi! Send free Hi!
Private Protected Email Forwarding No Reply to Gold Members who contact you first. Initiate email contact with any member seeking a language exchange.**
Voice Chat Receive messages from Gold Members Chat with Gold Members who contact you first Initiate contact with any member or visitor seeking a language exchange.**
Cost Free Free
Sign-up now!
US$ 5.99  1-month  Buy it
US$ 11.99  3-month  Buy it
US$ 23.99  12-month  Buy it
Search Members Search by:
native language, practicing language, country, city, age, interest, first name, type of language exchange wanted (email, text chat, voice chat), classroom/individual
Text Chat ** Unlimited***: chat with Gold Members who contact you first Unlimited***: chat with Gold Members who contact you first Unlimited***
Language Exchange Guidelines and Lesson Plans Yes Yes Yes
Bulletin Board Read only Read and post messages Read and post messages
Hangman Games Play only Play, create and edit your own games Play, create and edit your own games
* Messages to gold members do not count.
** Maximum of 40 contacts per 24 hour period, or 1240 contacts per 30 day period or 14600 contacts per 12 month period. Personal sender filters and blocks apply.
*** The number of simultaneous users in the text chat is limited to keep use of system resources to an acceptable level.

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Why My Language Exchange?

Find compatible partners fast!

We are the largest language exchange community in the world with 3 million members. Coupled with a powerful search function that lets you search by age, location, gender, interests and more, you will quickly find partners that are compatible with your learning goals, practice schedule, level of commitment and personal style.

Effective Practice!

We are the only language exchange site that provides a proven method of language exchange. We show you how to do a language exchange effectively and give you language exchange activities designed by an expert teacher in language exchange.

Nothing builds confidence faster than successful conversations with ordinary native speakers. But ineffectve practice can be demoralizing. Imagine if your partner corrects every grammar mistake! By following the Cormier method, you and your partner will focus on communication. You will have engaging conversations that are fun and build friendship. This is important because becoming fluent takes a long time and you need to stay motivated!

Here are more reasons to choose us...

We are the only language exchange site that continuously maintains its list of valid email addresses. When you send an email message, you are more likely to reach a real person and find a language partner, faster than anywhere else. Here are some key features of My Language Exchange:

My Language Exchange Features
Safe Your email address is completely protected!
No Junk Mail When you register your profile, you can tell us whether you want to receive news about our services or offers from our partners. And you can change these settings at any time. No spam!
Translation Help Use convenient machine Google translator to translate between 90 languages.
Insert Foreign Accents Don't have an international keyboard? No problem - insert foreign accented characters with a simple click!
Previous Contact Indicator Identify the members you have already been in contact with before. You won't contact the same member twice by mistake! Also, view the entire history of emails sent between yourselves.
How-to's and Lesson Plans Use our free language exchange guidelines and lesson plans designed by a qualified language teacher specializing in language exchange learning.
Find Quickly Search by many criteria including age, country and interest. Find the partner you want quickly!

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What are the Gold Membership Prices and Payment Options

You can pay by convenient online or offline methods from anywhere in the world.

Swipe or scroll left and right to see all payment options.
  Online -
Credit Card,
Debit Card
Online -
Online -
Western Union
Elec. Transfer
Interac Email
Money Transfer
Funding Method Visa,
Easiest & fastest!
China UnionPay,
Debit card,
Cash Canadian
bank account
Currency Any (Convert)
Activation Instant Instant 4-8
Up to 2 business days Up to 2 business days
1-Month US$ 5.99
3-Month US$ 11.99
12-Month US$ 23.99
Renewal We do not renew your gold membership automatically. You will not be rebilled.
However, you can always extend your gold membership by placing another order. The new gold membership will be added to the end of your existing one. You will not lose any time.
More Info More Info
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More Info
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More Info
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More Info
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More Info
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What is the Refund Policy?

Refunds will be made at management's discretion.

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Why isn't everything free?

Maintaining the level of service that we offer takes time and money. We do try to keep our services as free as possible. For more information, please see Why we must charge.

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"We couldn't be happier with the exchange."
"Thank you for setting it all up."
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