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Learn Foreign Languages

Language Exchange via Email, Text Chat and Voice Chat

Learn a foreign language by practicing with a native speaker who is learning your language. Write or speak your second language online to improve grammar or conversation.

Foreign language learning via a language exchange complements other forms of foreign language learning such as classroom, immersion and multimedia, because you get to practice all that you have learned with native speakers in a safe and supportive environment.

The Basics
What is a language exchange?
Why do a language exchange?
How to do a language exchange?
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Advantages of learning a foreign language via language exchange dinclude:
  • Learning the real language (slang, expressions, etc.) used by ordinary native speakers
  • Getting accustomed to the way native speakers speak in real (casual) conversation
  • Making a friend in the other culture.
  • For more advantages, see Why do a Language Exchange.
We provide free, helpful guidelines and tips on how to learn a foreign language via a language exchange, as well as free lesson plans designed by an expert in language exchange learning. The activities are fun so you can easily "break the ice" with your new learning partner and get effective practice.

We Support All Major Languages

Please choose the language you are learning.

Learn to speak Afrikaans free, Learn Afrikaans onlineAfrikaans
Learn to speak Akan free, Learn Akan onlineAkan
Learn to speak Albanian free, Learn Albanian onlineAlbanian
Learn to speak Amharic (Ethiopian) free, Learn Amharic (Ethiopian) onlineAmharic (Ethiopian)
Learn to speak Arabic free, Learn Arabic onlineArabic
Learn to speak Arabic, Egyptian free, Learn Arabic, Egyptian onlineArabic, Egyptian
Learn to speak Arabic, Middle Eastern free, Learn Arabic, Middle Eastern onlineArabic, Middle Eastern
Learn to speak Arabic, Moroccan free, Learn Arabic, Moroccan onlineArabic, Moroccan
Learn to speak Arabic, Palestinian free, Learn Arabic, Palestinian onlineArabic, Palestinian
Learn to speak Aramaic free, Learn Aramaic onlineAramaic
Learn to speak Armenian free, Learn Armenian onlineArmenian
Learn to speak Assamese free, Learn Assamese onlineAssamese
Learn to speak Assyrian free, Learn Assyrian onlineAssyrian
Learn to speak Azerbaijani free, Learn Azerbaijani onlineAzerbaijani
Learn to speak Bahasa Indonesia free, Learn Bahasa Indonesia onlineBahasa Indonesia
Learn to speak Bahasa Malaysia free, Learn Bahasa Malaysia onlineBahasa Malaysia
Learn to speak Bambara (Bamana) free, Learn Bambara (Bamana) onlineBambara (Bamana)
Learn to speak Baoulé (Baule, Bawule) free, Learn Baoulé (Baule, Bawule) onlineBaoulé (Baule, Bawule)
Learn to speak Basque free, Learn Basque onlineBasque
Learn to speak Bavarian (Austro-Bavarian) free, Learn Bavarian (Austro-Bavarian) onlineBavarian (Austro-Bavarian)
Learn to speak Belarusian free, Learn Belarusian onlineBelarusian
Learn to speak Bemba (Chiwemba, Wemba) free, Learn Bemba (Chiwemba, Wemba) onlineBemba (Chiwemba, Wemba)
Learn to speak Bengali free, Learn Bengali onlineBengali
Learn to speak Berber free, Learn Berber onlineBerber
Learn to speak Berber (Tamazight) free, Learn Berber (Tamazight) onlineBerber (Tamazight)
Learn to speak Bosnian free, Learn Bosnian onlineBosnian
Learn to speak Breton free, Learn Breton onlineBreton
Learn to speak Bulgarian free, Learn Bulgarian onlineBulgarian
Learn to speak Burmese free, Learn Burmese onlineBurmese
Learn to speak Cambodian (Khmer) free, Learn Cambodian (Khmer) onlineCambodian (Khmer)
Learn to speak Catalan free, Learn Catalan onlineCatalan
Learn to speak Cebuano (Bisaya) free, Learn Cebuano (Bisaya) onlineCebuano (Bisaya)
Learn to speak Chichewa (Nyanja) free, Learn Chichewa (Nyanja) onlineChichewa (Nyanja)
Learn to speak Chinese free, Learn Chinese onlineChinese
Learn to speak Chinese, Cantonese free, Learn Chinese, Cantonese onlineChinese, Cantonese
Learn to speak Chinese, Mandarin free, Learn Chinese, Mandarin onlineChinese, Mandarin
Learn to speak Chinese, Taiwanese (Hokkien, Minnanhua) free, Learn Chinese, Taiwanese (Hokkien, Minnanhua) onlineChinese, Taiwanese (Hokkien, Minnanhua)
Learn to speak Chuvash (Bulgar) free, Learn Chuvash (Bulgar) onlineChuvash (Bulgar)
Learn to speak Creole free, Learn Creole onlineCreole
Learn to speak Croatian free, Learn Croatian onlineCroatian
Learn to speak Czech free, Learn Czech onlineCzech
Learn to speak Danish free, Learn Danish onlineDanish
Learn to speak Dutch free, Learn Dutch onlineDutch
Learn to speak Egyptian Arabic free, Learn Egyptian Arabic onlineEgyptian Arabic
Learn to speak English free, Learn English onlineEnglish
Learn to speak ESL free, Learn ESL onlineESL
Learn to speak Esperanto free, Learn Esperanto onlineEsperanto
Learn to speak Estonian free, Learn Estonian onlineEstonian
Learn to speak Faroese free, Learn Faroese onlineFaroese
Learn to speak Farsi free, Learn Farsi onlineFarsi
Learn to speak Fijian free, Learn Fijian onlineFijian
Learn to speak Filipino free, Learn Filipino onlineFilipino
Learn to speak Finnish free, Learn Finnish onlineFinnish
Learn to speak Fon (Dahomeen, Djedji, Fongbe) free, Learn Fon (Dahomeen, Djedji, Fongbe) onlineFon (Dahomeen, Djedji, Fongbe)
Learn to speak French free, Learn French onlineFrench
Learn to speak Gaelic (Irish) free, Learn Gaelic (Irish) onlineGaelic (Irish)
Learn to speak Gaelic (Scottish) free, Learn Gaelic (Scottish) onlineGaelic (Scottish)
Learn to speak Galician free, Learn Galician onlineGalician
Learn to speak Georgian free, Learn Georgian onlineGeorgian
Learn to speak German free, Learn German onlineGerman
Learn to speak Greek free, Learn Greek onlineGreek
Learn to speak Gujarati free, Learn Gujarati onlineGujarati
Learn to speak Hausa free, Learn Hausa onlineHausa
Learn to speak Hawaiian free, Learn Hawaiian onlineHawaiian
Learn to speak Hebrew free, Learn Hebrew onlineHebrew
Learn to speak Hindi free, Learn Hindi onlineHindi
Learn to speak Hmong free, Learn Hmong onlineHmong
Learn to speak Hungarian free, Learn Hungarian onlineHungarian
Learn to speak Icelandic free, Learn Icelandic onlineIcelandic
Learn to speak Ido free, Learn Ido onlineIdo
Learn to speak Igbo (Ibo) free, Learn Igbo (Ibo) onlineIgbo (Ibo)
Learn to speak Interlingua free, Learn Interlingua onlineInterlingua
Learn to speak Italian free, Learn Italian onlineItalian
Learn to speak Japanese free, Learn Japanese onlineJapanese
Learn to speak Kachchi free, Learn Kachchi onlineKachchi
Learn to speak Kannada free, Learn Kannada onlineKannada
Learn to speak Kazakh free, Learn Kazakh onlineKazakh
Learn to speak Khmer free, Learn Khmer onlineKhmer
Learn to speak Kituba (Kikoongo, Munukutuba) free, Learn Kituba (Kikoongo, Munukutuba) onlineKituba (Kikoongo, Munukutuba)
Learn to speak Konkani free, Learn Konkani onlineKonkani
Learn to speak Konkani (Kunabi, Cugani, Bankoti) free, Learn Konkani (Kunabi, Cugani, Bankoti) onlineKonkani (Kunabi, Cugani, Bankoti)
Learn to speak Korean free, Learn Korean onlineKorean
Learn to speak Kurdish free, Learn Kurdish onlineKurdish
Learn to speak Kyrgyz (Kara-Kirgiz, Kirghiz, Kirgiz) free, Learn Kyrgyz (Kara-Kirgiz, Kirghiz, Kirgiz) onlineKyrgyz (Kara-Kirgiz, Kirghiz, Kirgiz)
Learn to speak Ladino free, Learn Ladino onlineLadino
Learn to speak Lao free, Learn Lao onlineLao
Learn to speak Latin free, Learn Latin onlineLatin
Learn to speak Latvian free, Learn Latvian onlineLatvian
Learn to speak Ligurian free, Learn Ligurian onlineLigurian
Learn to speak Lingala (Ngala) free, Learn Lingala (Ngala) onlineLingala (Ngala)
Learn to speak Lithuanian free, Learn Lithuanian onlineLithuanian
Learn to speak Lombard free, Learn Lombard onlineLombard
Learn to speak Luxembourgeois (Luxemburgian) free, Learn Luxembourgeois (Luxemburgian) onlineLuxembourgeois (Luxemburgian)
Learn to speak Macedonian free, Learn Macedonian onlineMacedonian
Learn to speak Malagasy free, Learn Malagasy onlineMalagasy
Learn to speak Malayalam free, Learn Malayalam onlineMalayalam
Learn to speak Maldivian (Dhivehi) free, Learn Maldivian (Dhivehi) onlineMaldivian (Dhivehi)
Learn to speak Maltese free, Learn Maltese onlineMaltese
Learn to speak Mandinka free, Learn Mandinka onlineMandinka
Learn to speak Maori (New Zealand Maori) free, Learn Maori (New Zealand Maori) onlineMaori (New Zealand Maori)
Learn to speak Marathi free, Learn Marathi onlineMarathi
Learn to speak Middle-Eastern Arabic free, Learn Middle-Eastern Arabic onlineMiddle-Eastern Arabic
Learn to speak Mongolian free, Learn Mongolian onlineMongolian
Learn to speak Montenegrin free, Learn Montenegrin onlineMontenegrin
Learn to speak Moroccan Arabic free, Learn Moroccan Arabic onlineMoroccan Arabic
Learn to speak Native American free, Learn Native American onlineNative American
Learn to speak Nepali free, Learn Nepali onlineNepali
Learn to speak Newari free, Learn Newari onlineNewari
Learn to speak Norwegian free, Learn Norwegian onlineNorwegian
Learn to speak Nyanja (Chewa, Chinyanja) free, Learn Nyanja (Chewa, Chinyanja) onlineNyanja (Chewa, Chinyanja)
Learn to speak Occitan (Occitani) free, Learn Occitan (Occitani) onlineOccitan (Occitani)
Learn to speak Oriya free, Learn Oriya onlineOriya
Learn to speak Oromo (Oromoo , Oromiffa) free, Learn Oromo (Oromoo , Oromiffa) onlineOromo (Oromoo , Oromiffa)
Learn to speak Papiamento (or Papiamentu) free, Learn Papiamento (or Papiamentu) onlinePapiamento (or Papiamentu)
Learn to speak Paraguayan Guarani free, Learn Paraguayan Guarani onlineParaguayan Guarani
Learn to speak Pashto free, Learn Pashto onlinePashto
Learn to speak Persian (Farsi, Dari) free, Learn Persian (Farsi, Dari) onlinePersian (Farsi, Dari)
Learn to speak Polish free, Learn Polish onlinePolish
Learn to speak Portuguese free, Learn Portuguese onlinePortuguese
Learn to speak Pulaar free, Learn Pulaar onlinePulaar
Learn to speak Punjabi free, Learn Punjabi onlinePunjabi
Learn to speak Purépecha (Tarascan) free, Learn Purépecha (Tarascan) onlinePurépecha (Tarascan)
Learn to speak Pushto (Pashto) free, Learn Pushto (Pashto) onlinePushto (Pashto)
Learn to speak Quechua free, Learn Quechua onlineQuechua
Learn to speak Rapa Nui free, Learn Rapa Nui onlineRapa Nui
Learn to speak Romanian free, Learn Romanian onlineRomanian
Learn to speak Romansch free, Learn Romansch onlineRomansch
Learn to speak Romany (Gypsy, Danubian) free, Learn Romany (Gypsy, Danubian) onlineRomany (Gypsy, Danubian)
Learn to speak Rundi (Kirundi, Urundi) free, Learn Rundi (Kirundi, Urundi) onlineRundi (Kirundi, Urundi)
Learn to speak Russian free, Learn Russian onlineRussian
Learn to speak Rwanda (Kinyarwanda) free, Learn Rwanda (Kinyarwanda) onlineRwanda (Kinyarwanda)
Learn to speak Saami (sami) free, Learn Saami (sami) onlineSaami (sami)
Learn to speak Samoan free, Learn Samoan onlineSamoan
Learn to speak Sanskrit free, Learn Sanskrit onlineSanskrit
Learn to speak Serbian free, Learn Serbian onlineSerbian
Learn to speak Shona free, Learn Shona onlineShona
Learn to speak Sicilian free, Learn Sicilian onlineSicilian
Learn to speak Sign Language free, Learn Sign Language onlineSign Language
Learn to speak Sindhi free, Learn Sindhi onlineSindhi
Learn to speak Sinhalese free, Learn Sinhalese onlineSinhalese
Learn to speak Slovak free, Learn Slovak onlineSlovak
Learn to speak Slovenian free, Learn Slovenian onlineSlovenian
Learn to speak Somali free, Learn Somali onlineSomali
Learn to speak Spanish free, Learn Spanish onlineSpanish
Learn to speak Swahili free, Learn Swahili onlineSwahili
Learn to speak Swedish free, Learn Swedish onlineSwedish
Learn to speak Swiss German free, Learn Swiss German onlineSwiss German
Learn to speak Tagalog free, Learn Tagalog onlineTagalog
Learn to speak Tajiki (Tajiki, Tadzhik) free, Learn Tajiki (Tajiki, Tadzhik) onlineTajiki (Tajiki, Tadzhik)
Learn to speak Tamil free, Learn Tamil onlineTamil
Learn to speak Tatar (Tartar) free, Learn Tatar (Tartar) onlineTatar (Tartar)
Learn to speak Telugu free, Learn Telugu onlineTelugu
Learn to speak Tetum free, Learn Tetum onlineTetum
Learn to speak Thai free, Learn Thai onlineThai
Learn to speak Tibetan free, Learn Tibetan onlineTibetan
Learn to speak Tigrigna (Tigray, Tigrinya) free, Learn Tigrigna (Tigray, Tigrinya) onlineTigrigna (Tigray, Tigrinya)
Learn to speak Tok Pisin free, Learn Tok Pisin onlineTok Pisin
Learn to speak Tongan free, Learn Tongan onlineTongan
Learn to speak Tswana free, Learn Tswana onlineTswana
Learn to speak Tumbuka free, Learn Tumbuka onlineTumbuka
Learn to speak Turkish free, Learn Turkish onlineTurkish
Learn to speak Ukrainian free, Learn Ukrainian onlineUkrainian
Learn to speak Urdu free, Learn Urdu onlineUrdu
Learn to speak Uyghur (Wighor) free, Learn Uyghur (Wighor) onlineUyghur (Wighor)
Learn to speak Uzbek free, Learn Uzbek onlineUzbek
Learn to speak Venetian free, Learn Venetian onlineVenetian
Learn to speak Vietnamese free, Learn Vietnamese onlineVietnamese
Learn to speak Welsh free, Learn Welsh onlineWelsh
Learn to speak Wolof free, Learn Wolof onlineWolof
Learn to speak Xhosa free, Learn Xhosa onlineXhosa
Learn to speak Yiddish free, Learn Yiddish onlineYiddish
Learn to speak Yoruba free, Learn Yoruba onlineYoruba
Learn to speak Zulu free, Learn Zulu onlineZulu

If the language you are learning is not here, please be sure to tell us. We appreciate your comments.

The Basics
What is a language exchange?
Why do a language exchange?
How to do a language exchange?
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