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by S.P. Iyer

Learning engllish - grammar


A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun       
There are six kinds of pronouns
1.Personal   2.Demonstrative   3.Indefenite  4.Intensive  5.Reflexive   6.Interrogative
1.Personal       -                subject pronouns             object pronouns     possessive pronouns(shows ownership)
                                            I                                      me                          my  -  mine
                                            you                                  you                        your - yours
                                            he                                    him                        his
                                            she                                   her                        hers
                                            it                                       it                           its
                                            we                                    us                         our  -ours
                                            they                                  them                     their - theirs
                          singular        -       plural
                           I                          we
                           me                       us
                           my/mine              our/ours
                           you/your/yours   you/your/yours
                           he/she/it             they
                           him/her/it            them
                           his/hers/its          their/theirs-          
                           this                       these
                           that                      those
3.Indefenite(These refer to nouns in general)
                           all/another/any/anybody/any one
                           both/each/either/everybody/every one
                           few/many/neither/nobody/no one
                           myself                  ourselves
                           yourself                yourselves
                           himself/'herself/itself      - themselves
                            intensive pronouns  are called reflexive pronouns when they are used to referback the subject o   f                           of  a  sentence. Example:Rama wanted to kick himself .
                            what/which/who/whom/whose-  whoever/whomever
 Contd .............

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