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Read Teacher Reviews - Kairy Ibrahim

Review of Kairy Ibrahim by Najla Bose and all follow-up messages:

Rating Comments
Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Najla Bose
August 13, 2006

Lead Acquired:
April 8, 2006

Hours of Instructions:
Excellent teacher!

I am an intermediate Arabic student. Kairy quickly assesed my level and designed my classes to suit my needs. I found him to be extremely professional and very skilled at teaching Arabic. He spoke the perfect Cairo dialect and I felt so comfortable speaking with him. I had a textbook that I preferred to use and he promptly went out and bought it so that we could work in a way that I was comfortable. He makes the lessons fun, and I really look forward to my time spent. we work over the phone, so it could not be more convenient for me. I feel truly blessed to have found such an excellent teacher, and I look forward to much more study with him!
Alf i shukkar, ya Kairy!
Najla Bose

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Anahita
July 31, 2006

Lead Acquired:
March 24, 2006

Hours of Instructions:
Mr. Ibrahim is a fantastic teacher with an excellent approach to Arabic teaching

Arabic is thought of as an intimidating language, but Mr. Ibrahim’s approach to the teaching of Arabic was truly amazing. Most teachers approach language instruction by teaching the alphabet, followed my attempts to read with a spattering of vocabulary. Mr. Ibrahim’s approach is to start immediately by bringing together the reading, writing, understanding, and cultural aspects of a language right from day one so the student can progress on all fronts equally and really get 100% out of each lesson. Mr. Ibrahim is a professional in teaching language and has had years of experience with education, hence, his approach is a result of his expertise. Personally, he is a pleasure to work with, as he is an incredibly friendly and inviting person, which creates a comfortable environment in which to learn. Furthermore, he is very knowledgeable in a variety of areas, which adds substantially to understanding the cultural aspects of the language.
Overall, Mr. Ibrahim is without question one of the best teachers I have ever met. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to any student from the beginner to the advanced as Mr. Ibrahim has a knack for really understanding his students. I would challenge anyone to find a better Arabic teacher. He truly is fantastic.

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