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Read Teacher Reviews - Alessandro DiMauro

Review of Alessandro DiMauro by Angela and all follow-up messages:

Rating Comments
Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Angela
November 9, 2013

Lead Acquired:
November 19, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Great Italian teacher!

Alessandro is a great teacher, he is very flexible and accommodating. He tailors the lessons to the students which keeps it interesting. I wanted a conversational lesson instead of the typical grammar lesson. He made this work by incorporating the necessary grammar into current issues. Alessandro was constantly changing my lessons to fill in gaps and whatever he considered I was lacking. The lessons were always very engaging. Even though I was very shy about my Italian, I was very comfortable during my lessons. Alessandro is a nice, sociable person as well as highly qualified. Definitely go with him for Italian lessons!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: RA
July 15, 2013

Lead Acquired:
October 28, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Italian teacher extraordinaire!

I have studied Italian before both privately and in class settings, and I can say that Alessandro is a top-notch teacher. His training, education, and linguistic knowledge are excellent, and his warm, patient, and persistent teaching manner make a student feel very comfortable and competent. Alessandro puts great thought and care into choosing materials to make the lessons relevant to the individual student's needs. Learning to speak a new language can make one feel vulnerable and nervous, but Alessandro creates a learning environment where one feels safe and where making mistakes is just a part of the learning process. His lessons are always engaging and full of wonderful conversation (in Italian, of course!). I always look forward to having a nice conversation with him and to the materials that he will bring to my lesson. For example, I told him I had tickets to see the opera, Tosca, at Covent Garden, and the next week he brought handouts about the opera that covered both narrative and grammatical structures. For a very reasonable fee, Alessandro prepares each lesson with special thought and care and teaches with passion. On top of all of that, he is a super nice and interesting person who makes learning fun! I recommend Alessandro very highly!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: John F Coates
June 19, 2013

Lead Acquired:
January 30, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
An excellent teacher with best credentials and technique.

Mr. Di Mauro was able to do something for me that no school or teacher could do before: kick-start my fluency in the language. After a few weeks with him, I had improved my aural-oral skills immeasurably, and I give him all the credit. He is flexible in his approach, and because I enjoy writing, he encouraged me to compose simple essays which we then corrected and discussed, so I improved my written as well as oral expression. We also discussed three novels that he and I read independently, giving me a good sense of how an Italian writer expresses himself. When a particularly thorny question of grammar arose, we paused until I understood it, and then double-checked my comprehension as I incorporated that grammar point into my writing and speech. The time he spent with me was so intense that I tended to forget about its passing, a real sign of my interest, concentration, and enjoyment. Mr. Di Mauro ranks as the best Italian teacher I have had in the twelve years or so I have been learning the language, and I recommend him without reservation to any student, from beginner to advanced.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Suzie
June 26, 2012

Lead Acquired:
June 8, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
110% satisfied student.

I started with a basic knowledge of Italian, and a very loose grasp of the grammar...... Alessandro's approach is comprehensive and challenging, he was patiently persistent in his role as teacher, and had an obvious desire to see me progress..... Which I did!
Italian grammar was getting the best of me, and holding up any confidence in speaking the language, after a week of lessons, I am confident enough to get out and practice what I have learned!
Great teacher, very likeable, and clearly interested in what he does, and the satisfaction of his students, as a fellow language tutor, I highly recommend Alessandro.
Suzie.J. Australia

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Score: 4 stars of 5
By: SuperAnton
October 13, 2011

Lead Acquired:
October 6, 2011

Hours of Instructions:
pleasant, intelligent and engaging

Very pleasant, intelligent and engaging person who really put me at ease, which was important to me as I am not very confident in my Italian. His arrangement is excellent in that he offers 75 minutes rather than an hour (which can pass too quickly and be inadequate). Among the teachers I have met, he is definitely a favorite.

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