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Hangman Games by Member : Katharina

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Country: Germany
Description: Hello everybody!!My name is Katharina and I'm a 14year-old girl from Germany.I've been speaking english for about 3years now but I want to practice it a little more... what to say about my french: I've just begun learning french at school (I can't say much just something like je m'appelle Katharina, j'ai 14ans, je suis d'Allemagne...)but maybe someone french wants to learn German so I could help u of course and then you could probably help me with my french :)... the only problem is: I'm not a gold member so you'd have to contact me first... bye--au revoir--bis dann

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wenn du als Erwachsener noch etwas lernen willst, kannst du die ... besuchen
_ _e _ _ _ _ _u _e

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German - Other - Social Status October 30, 2006
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