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Country: Canada
Description: Hello. I am 14 years old, and am very eager to learn japanese, so I can communicate better with the culture. I like to draw, dance, sing, read, write, and lots of other things, such as anime, manga, and oekaki, cosplay, and *seiyuu. I know lots of people want to be taught this language, since I haven't been able to get anyone, so I have been self-teaching in the mean time, though it is very slow! I am really set to lean Japanese so I will be ready if I go there someday. Any help is apppreciated!

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Title of Game Language Type Category Last Edited Rating
What you say when you keep someone waiting for a long time.
O _ _ _ _ _ _
Japanese Popular Expression People March 2, 2007
12 votes
I'm from Canada.
_ _ _a _ _   k _ _a   k _ _ _ _ _ _t _.
Japanese - Other - People March 5, 2006
6 votes

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