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Hangman Games by Member : Jasmin L.

Short Description of Jasmin L.
Native Language(s):
Practicinig Language(s):
Gaelic (Irish)
Country: Germany
Description: Hello. My Name is Jasmin and I am 19 Years old.I`m from Germany, but at the Moment I am in Ireland as a Wwoofer until next May. I would love to learn a little bit of Irish, but I haven`t learned any Irish jet (I know just a some words or phrases). So I would need someone who teachs me some easy stuff step by step. Also sometimes my English could need a litte bit of help...! In exchange I could teach you a high standart German or even easier things, if you wish so. My hobbys are horse back riding, drawing, reading and actually, I am interested in most everything.:) If you are interested, please contact me. All the best Jasmin

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Title of Game Language Type Category Last Edited Rating
Wo Licht ist...
i _t   a _c _   S _h _t _ _n!
German Popular Expression Literature November 25, 2015
1 votes
Ein Pferd hat acht Beine zwei vorne, zwei hinten, zwei recht,...
un _   z _ _i   l _n _s!
German - Other - Education / School November 25, 2015
5 votes
hoppe hoppe reiter...
w _ _n   _r   _lt   _a _n   s _h _e _t   _r
German - Other - Amounts / Quantities November 25, 2015
0 votes

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