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Hangman Games by Member : tak i.

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Country: Japan
Description: Hi! I am the type of person who always seek something new. I simply like to communicate with the person who has what I do not have. For this purpose, I intend to learn any language if necessary to get to know the people of various country origins and backgrounds. So please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a language exchange partner or more or less get interested! Looking forward to coming across interesting people and enjoying friendly chat with them.

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When you express the performance, how you are, or how things are going, neither good nor bad cannot be said.
_a _ _a _
Japanese Popular Expression Emotions January 6, 2011
9 votes
When you find something cute, you say...
_a _a _i

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Japanese Popular Expression Emotions December 24, 2010
84 votes
When you find somthing or someone beautiful, you say...
_i _e _
Japanese Popular Expression Emotions December 24, 2010
19 votes
just a little
c _o _t _
Japanese Popular Expression Amounts / Quantities December 24, 2010
35 votes
A set meal always served with rice and miso soup
t _ _s _ _k _
Japanese Popular Expression Food / Drink December 23, 2010
19 votes
Total found: 35 !
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