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Country: Poland
Description: !Hola a todos! Me llamo Kasia. (UNA NOTA IMPORTANTE: I'm a regular member, not a gold one, so please contact me first!) :) I am a student from Warsaw, and I love Spanish language. Llevo un ano estudiando espanol y me gusta mucho. Quiero mejorar este idioma. Si quieres charlar en polaco tambien, escribeme. I speak English, too :)

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Title of Game Language Type Category Last Edited Rating
It's not such a big problem, so don't cry...
N _ _   m _   _o   pł _ _ _ć   n _ _   r _z _a _ _ _  
Polish Proverb Emotions December 4, 2010
2 votes
Kiss me
P _ _ _j   m _ _e

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Polish Popular Expression Making Love / Sex December 4, 2010
6 votes

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