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Hangman Games by Member : Dawid

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Country: Poland
Description: I think there is no point in learning languages alone, if we can meet together in a cyber world. Wherever you are, whatever you do, I can help you to improve your polish. If your are interested in learning english, we can also talk in this language in order to achieve a higher level of our language skills. But perhaps you are curious what I'm looking for? I would like to improve my german with your help.

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Title of Game Language Type Category Last Edited Rating
This is a place where people dump waste, something like a biiiig dustbin
w _ _yp _ _k _   _mi _ci
Polish Popular Expression Places March 28, 2010
2 votes
When your are not skinny enough and all dresses are too tight for you, you are...
_ _ub _
Polish Popular Expression Body / Health / Senses March 28, 2010
1 votes

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