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gaélique (écossais) Partenaires linguistiques - échange linguistique en ligne - Résultats de recherche des membres

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January 23, 2021
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gaélique (irlandais)
gaélique (écossais)
Im very funny, passionate, romantic person. Im honest and sincere. I love traveling, I love reading romance like Jane Austen, I love dancing and singing (i dont have a great voice, but it doesnt matter, right?). I love laughing. I wanna learn more about different languages and cutures; eschange experience and stuff. Lets know each other, im a nice person. Dont be shy, and send me a message. Gree... See more


January 20, 2021
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United Kingdom
gaélique (écossais)
I'm a Scottish woman and I'm looking forward to practising my French and very basic Spanish with native speakers. In return of course, I'll help with English or even a bit of Gaelic. My English has no strong accent and I'm patient and enjoy chatting about most things. My French is around intermediate level but I've just started learning Spanish in a class here so Spanish c... See more


December 14, 2020
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United Kingdom
gaélique (écossais)
I plan on travelling to Latvia from the channel island in the near future. I would like to learn to speak Latvian before I do travel there.


May 27, 2020
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United Kingdom
gaélique (écossais)
Chinese, Taiwanese (Hokkien, Minnanhua)
chinois mandarin
Hallo. I live in Glasgow, Scotland. My main languages are English, German and Scottish Gaelic. I'm a trained teacher of English to adults and am learning Mandarin Chinese as well as working full time. I have just completed a second degree. I can help you with English, German or Gaelic in return for conversation in and advice on Mandarin and/or Hokkien. I am interested in many languages, in pa... See more


January 20, 2020
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gaélique (écossais)
chinois mandarin
Hello! My name is Charlie and I have been learning Japanese for 3 years, by myself. I visit Japan for a month every year to meet people and explore. I'm from the UK, and currently live in Berlin. I studied to become a doctor in university, and my hobbies are snowboarding, rugby and travelling. I also love playing the guitar and piano, and studying language of course! I'd love to learn Ma... See more


July 3, 2019
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gaélique (écossais)
I want to learn Maori because it's a really interesting and poetic langage. I like learning new lenguages a lot.


March 19, 2019
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United Kingdom
gaélique (écossais)
Hi! I’m currently living London and want to keep up my Russian and Danish.


December 22, 2018
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gaélique (écossais)
Hi, I am currently studying French and Spanish at university, and I would like to practise with other people if possible! My main interests are travelling, photography and reading, but would be happy to talk about anything really.


November 19, 2018
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gaélique (écossais)
- Autre -


June 18, 2018
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United Kingdom
gaélique (écossais)
américain indigène
Tha mi toilichte a bhith a 'coinneachadh riut ( i am pleased to meet you, in scottish gaelic), i am 38yr old scotsman i love to sing play instruments and dance. i have always been interested in learning native american traditional language like gaelic i love how it runs off the tongue.I would love to exchange languages, traditions with anyone who is interested Tapadh leibh ( thank you). Mar... See more
Total found: 81 !
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