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Country: India
Description: Hajimemashite~ I'm Shimi, I love Japanese, Nihonjin to tomodachi ni naritai. Nihon no bunka wa subarashii desu ne. Tokuni yokai no hanashi ni wa mecha kyoumi ga arimasu. rekishiteki na hanashi mo iiyone ^^. I love watching anime and reading manga, Dorama and music. I like Anime Music, Vocaloids. Ghibli to Makoto Shinkai Sama ga akogare desu. nihonjin wa suteki na kangaekata suru ne. I self-learnt Japanese so I only know spoken Japanese and Romaji, also little hiragana is fine as well. I'm working as an English teacher, I teach English at a private school and I also teach Thai students in my city. I would love to work in Japan eventually I am looking forward to meeting new people here ^^ Yoroshiku ne ^-^ I'm not currently a Gold member, I do however use instagram and discord so you would need to contact me first.

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What to say before Eating
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Arabic, Middle Eastern Popular Expression Food / Drink December 8, 2013
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