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Bulletin Board

Category: Slang/Expressions

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French Slangs
Bonjour! Je voulais apprendre bon francais mots. Donnez aide, s'il vous plait. :)

Hey! I want to learn good french words/phrases. Please help. :)

My french is not so strong...evidently.

Language pair: English; French
Kalika Patil
August 29, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Re:Language partners!anyone wants to study funny chinese?
hey, I am definitely interested! just come check out my profile.

Language pair: English; Chinese, Mandarin
Mylie Lemoine
August 16, 2018

# Msgs: 3
Latest: August 16, 2018
Re:Language partners!anyone wants to study funny chinese?
hey, I am definitely interested! just come check out my profile.

Language pair: English; Chinese, Mandarin
Mylie Lemoine
August 16, 2018

# Msgs: 3
Latest: August 16, 2018
Procurando parceiros de estudo
Oi, Preciso aprender inglês e gostaria de ajudar no aprendizado ou melhora de português de quem estiver interessado.
Hi, I need to learn english and I'd like to help others to learn or just improve the portuguese language.



Language pair: Portuguese; Cebuano (Bisaya)
August 1, 2018

# Msgs: 1

This is for Mira who is learning Japanese
I just joined this site and my note could be for way outdated questions, however, here they are;
1. What's wrong ? (When you see someone sad, you ask "what's wrong"?
→どうしたの?Dou shitano?
→何かあったの?Nanika attano?
2. I had a long day. ( When you got so tired at work because of so many things to do.)
→ 今日は1日忙しかったです。 Kyou wa ichini isogashi katta desu.
→ すごい疲れた。Sugoi tsukareta.
3.may I go out? ( example you are in a classroom and want to go out for a bit, what do you say to the Professor?
→ すみません、少し失礼します。Sumimasen, sukoshi shitsurei shimasu.
4. What do you say to someone who leaves home for work or school?
→ 行ってらっしゃい, 気を付けて。Itte rasshai, kiwo tsukete.

There are several more expressions to say for each occasion, as conversation relates to what topic you are talking about and what being said before or after, but these are simple common way to answer to all.

Language pair: Japanese; 
July 22, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Wer möchte Griechisch lernen?
Ich möchte meine Deutschkenntnisse verbessern. Deshalb suche ich Kontakt zu deutschsprachigen Leuten. Ich kann gerne beim Erlernen bzw. Üben der griechischen Sprache behilflich sein. Warte gespannt!

Language pair: Greek; German
July 22, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Indonesian slang
Hi. I wanna shere a bit abt indonesian slang. There are 2 common words said by indonesia people especially in the big city, LOE and GUE which is mean Kamu and Aku or you and me. So if you come to this beautiful country don't be confused with these two words and tell me abt your slang, especially english and german

Language pair: English; 
Chida Febtiani
July 14, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Re:USA Greetings
This made me laugh.
My husband is from the south and when he talks on the phone with his parents he always starts with ''Howdy ma/howdy pops'' haha

Language pair: English; Spanish
July 8, 2018

# Msgs: 3
Latest: July 8, 2018
When we were little, my grandpa used to call us “cuck” and said it was the Serbian word for baby chicken. Can anyone verify this info or translation? Serbian was his native language.

Language pair: English; Serbian
June 28, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Re:man, woman, boy, girl
"guy" is commonly used to refer to a man, while "guys" is often used to refer to a group of men or a mixed gender group (less commonly, a group of women).

Ex. "That guy in the blue shirt is drunk." (this will almost always refer to a male)
Ex. "What are you guys doing tonight?" (this could refer to a group of men, a man and a woman, or even a group of women in some cases).

Language pair: English; 
Kevin D
June 18, 2018

# Msgs: 3
Latest: June 18, 2018
Total found: 11371 !
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