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Bulletin Board

Category: Vacations/Travels

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Hi, I'm Maui and I will be visiting Kanagawa, Japan soon...
Good day everyone!

Thank you for taking time in reading my message.
Me and my mom is currently applying for a 90 day visa to visit Japan.
We will be visiting my mom's sister and her two sons.
I will finally meet my 2 Japanese cousins for the first time.

Can you give me tips on what phrases I should learn?
Can you give me tips on what places in Kanagawa can I visit?

Thanks in advance.

Have a nice day!
Be happy!

Language pair: English; 
Renz Maui
June 7, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Travelling to Turkey in June
Travelling to Istanbul next week.
Hoping to learn some basic turkish language for my travels.

Language pair: Japanese; Turkish
Ali Akbar
June 2, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Re:Traveling through Russia by train in June
Если в поезде будут предлагать алкоголь, не соглашайтесь.

Language pair: Russian; Russian
Sergey Rodin
April 23, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: April 23, 2018
Traveling through Russia by train in June
Hello everyone! I am going to Russia in June. It will be the second time I have visited, but I would love to hear from people about my upcoming trip anyway. I am visiting St. Petersburg and Moscow, then I will go to Novosibirsk and take a train to Irkutsk and Ulan Ude, then train to Ekaterinburg and back to Moscow. I would love any advice about taking the train in Russia. Also, if you live in Siberia in one of the cities I will be traveling through, I would love to meet people in these cities and learn about the places I will visit. I also want to practice my Russian so that I speak it well while I am there. I studied it in university so I can speak it pretty good. I'm also flying through Iceland and Berlin, Germany so if anyone has advice about those airports, feel free to let me know. You can reply here or message me directly, if you are not a gold member, send me a hi and I will write you.

Language pair: English; Russian
April 17, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: April 23, 2018
Hello Anne! I am 67-year-old Japanese retired man. I also like travelling and have traveled more than 30 countries including to Ukraine for several times. I started learning Ukrainian and hope that you would help me. I don't know if you are interested in Japan But I can help you everything about Japan and English if you are interested in.

Language pair: English; Ukrainian
April 9, 2018

# Msgs: 6
Latest: April 9, 2018
Re:Top 10 Rio de Janeiro
Hi I´m Bruna, I´m from Rio de Janeiro and I don´t speak english very wel, i would like have a friend to practice. :D This post is from january, Do you come back to your contry? What do you think about rio? Do you liked, I hope Yes :D

Language pair: English; 
Bruna Nascimento
April 9, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: April 9, 2018
I will be coming to Rio and I have booked for my hotel already, I wish if I could get someone to assist me in knowing the beauty, culture and what to expect from the people of Rio de Janeiro before my arrival. I will be there for only 7 days

Language pair: English; Bulgarian
Dio Benedict
April 8, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Re:Finding a friend to bring me around Korea this July!
Hi Anis! I'm not Korean, but if you want to find some korean friend to help you guide during your trip to Korea, you can probably try couchsurfing or ohmyoppa. couchsurfing is full of people who are open to travel and i am sure you will find someone there. and ohmyoppa is a website where you can book an oppa to accompany you to explore seoul. each oppa have different intenarary and you can try that. Good luck and have fun!

Language pair: Croatian; Malay (Bahasa Malaysia)
April 6, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: April 6, 2018
Finding a friend to bring me around Korea this July!
Hello everyone, I’m Anis from Malaysia. I’m finding Korean friends to guide me around Seoul this July/August. It will be nice if you can lend me a hand & let’s be friends! :) Please contact me!

Language pair: Croatian; Malay (Bahasa Malaysia)
Anis Adila Fahmy Mohd Akmal
March 30, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: April 6, 2018
Re:i went to visit Malaysia
Hi Lucy, I’m Anis from Malaysia. Would love to help you but I’m a full-time student at Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia (you can check this place as well, because there’s a lot of things to discover here). If you need help for suggestions or itinerary, I’m so very happy to help! Cheers 🥂

Language pair: English; Malay (Bahasa Malaysia)
Anis Adila Fahmy Mohd Akmal
March 30, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: March 30, 2018
Total found: 2754 !
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