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Category: Teacher Training/Teaching Abroad
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Learning English and teaching Thai in return
Hello guys,

I am a Thai teacher teaching in high school. I would like to practice my English. In exchange, I would love to teach you Thai language. I love to shares the ideas related to traditional, activities, foods, workout and so on. If you want to learn Thai language, don't hesitate to contact me. I love to meeting new friends.

Language pair: English; English
Wiwan WP
July 15, 2016

# Msgs: 1

Re:Re:Hi, I teach english and spanish if you help me with korean. / Holaa, enseño inglés y o español si me me enseñas coreano.
Hi Nick,

I am a am from the U.S and would like to teach english in exchange for some korean, let me know when you are free and or what your contact info is. thanks

Language pair: Korean; English
Dalt Sensei
July 13, 2016

# Msgs: 7
Latest: July 13, 2016
Re:Re:Hi, I teach english and spanish if you help me with korean. / Holaa, enseño inglés y o español si me me enseñas coreano.
I think that I can do this.

Language pair: English; Spanish
Elizabeth Smith
July 10, 2016

# Msgs: 7
Latest: July 13, 2016
learning Japanese language
hello, can anyone please help me to improve my japanese communication skill. I only know how to read hiragana and katakana but I can't construct a simple sentences. In returm I will help you in your English.please send me a message.thanks.

Language pair: English; Japanese
June 14, 2016

# Msgs: 1

Re:The difference betwen teaching in the UK & Japan?
Hi :) do you mean talking in a normal primary/secondary school or teaching English as a second language in the Uk?

I work in a private cram school type company. I have some truly wonderful children but the occasional one can be nightmares. They are also incredibly shy. Friend have had experiences in public schools where children can be quite cheeky and rude.

I think there are badly behaved students but in general mine are well behaved(more shy to be honest) wherever you go but if you want some drastic culture change and an adventure Japan is a good place to go :)

Language pair: English; Japanese
June 12, 2016

# Msgs: 3
Latest: June 12, 2016
Re:The difference betwen teaching in the UK & Japan?
Hi, Charlotte.
I'm Jo and Japanese teacher.
Ah, I read your message.
I haven't experienced teaching in UK, but referring to Japan, it's not bad for you, I think.
At present, it's widely thought that English teaching is really important and needed sincerely.
Furthermore, the way of learning it is shifting to much more speaking, writing.
So, the demand toward English natives are increasing.
And, students tend to be willing to study English, generally.
So their attitude toward English is, at least, not so bad.
Of course, the level of "well-behave" depends each one.

Language pair: English; 
June 12, 2016

# Msgs: 3
Latest: June 12, 2016
Aprendo inglés y enseño español
Quisiera aprender inglés y, a cambio, te puedo enseñar español.

I would like to learn english and, in return, I teach you spanish.


Language pair: English; 
Manuel Martin
June 9, 2016

# Msgs: 1

I want to learn English language.
Hi,my name is patra, I am from thailand.I am teacher assistant.I searching for a parner who can teach me English.Thank you so much.

Language pair: English; 
Patra Chanaboon
June 6, 2016

# Msgs: 1

Re:Learn language fluently
Hello Paul! My name is Nicu (Nick) and I would appreciate if you would have the time to teach me German. At present I speak Romanian (native speaker), English (level B2 - but you might be the perfect judge into saying what level I really am), a little French and a little less German (just a few words or phrases). At the same time, if you would like, I could teach you Romanian.

Language pair: Romanian; German
Nicu Ispas
May 17, 2016

# Msgs: 2
Latest: May 17, 2016
Learn Urdu and English
Hi to all, My name is Masood Khan and I am from Hyderabad/India. I am self-employed and provide consultancy services {xpert consultancy}.I have traveled to KSA, UAE & UK. I am simple n straight forward. Any one intending to learn URDU & ENGLISH can contact me.. would be pleased to assist.

Language pair: Urdu; English
Masood Khan
May 15, 2016

# Msgs: 1

Total found: 2417 !
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