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Category: New Member

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Hello everyone....
I'm here to learn the Korean and Portuguese languages in exchange for teaching English. I could also make use of this particular platform to establish friendships around the world. Best of luck to everyone!

Language pair: Korean; Portuguese
Levi Veloso
July 2, 2018

# Msgs: 1

My name is Ibrahim and I'm a 21 years old student from sunny Morocco precisely Marrakech and I'd love to practice my English or French with someone that looks for the same thing. :)

Je m'appel Ibrahim, j'ai 21 ans et je vient du Maroc, Marrakech, je voudrais trouver des gens pour améliorer notre Français et Anglais ensemble.

I hope to hear from you all soon! :D

Language pair: English; French
Ibrahim Ahandour
July 1, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Re:How to say "Good Morning" in Russian?
Доброе утро!Are you already familiar with the alphabet?

Language pair: English; Russian
Montserrat Alfaro
July 1, 2018

# Msgs: 4
Latest: July 9, 2018
From London. Friendly, relaxed and easy-going guy now enjoying wonderful Kansai. Love other cultures, travel, film, music, the arts and design, running and hiking. Looking to meet anyone with similar interests and a fun and outgoing nature. Or appreciates relaxed, quality moments. If this is you, then please get in touch.

Thank you for reading...

ロンドンから。 フレンドリーでリラックスした、楽しい人、今はすばらしい関西を楽しんでいます。 他の文化、旅行、映画、音楽、芸術とデザイン、ランニングとハイキングを愛する。 同じような興味と楽しい、外向的な性質を持つ誰かに会いたいと思っています。 または、リラックスした質の高い瞬間を感謝します。 これがあなたなら、連絡してください。


Language pair: English; Japanese
July 1, 2018

# Msgs: 1

I need speaking practice in French
Bonjour! Comment ca va? I started studying French through duolinguo and it takes time to learn vocabulary and grammar. It's all good (bien:)). However,speaking practice is the most important thing so I would be happy to find someone for this purpose and I will help to raise your level of Russian with pleasure.

Language pair: French; 
Irina Nazarova
June 30, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Ciao!Io sono un`studentessa universita di belle arti.
Studiero una pittura giapponese.
Penso che i dipinti classici italiani siano in comune con i dipinti classici giapponesi
Sto programmando di studiare all'Accademia di blle arti di firenze (probabilmente vado corsi singoli)
Adesso non so ancora parlare l'italiano, ma ho l'intenzione di studiarlo.
parlo arti e hobby e cultura… anche, insegno proposito del Giappone!
Potrebbe sei del mia amica?
Mi raccomando!

Language pair: Italian; Japanese
Miharu Seta
June 24, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Je peux bien lire, et je peux écrire OK, mais j'ai besoin d'aide pour parler et écouter le français
Bonjour a tous!
Je suis anglais, et j'essaye apprendre parler francais. je pense que je profiterais discuter avec quelqu'une de france pour ameliorer mes competences. En meme temps, J'aimerais aussi aider quelqu'une avec parler anglais. M'envoyez une message si vous voulez parler!

Language pair: French; English
Mark Raffaelli
June 23, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: July 6, 2018
Re:New Here
Hi, I'm from rio de janeiro in brazil! I'm studing english. Who do you do?

Language pair: English; Portuguese
Amós Ribeiro
June 22, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: June 22, 2018
Re:I'm Spanish, learning Portuguese
Olá posso te ajudar, moro no rio de janeiro, brasil

Language pair: Portuguese; Portuguese
Amós Ribeiro
June 22, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: June 22, 2018
정말 좋은 언어교환 친구를 원해요
안녕하세요. 저는 한국 사람입니다.
일본어를 전공했고, 언어교환으로 일본어 교환 혹은 영어 교환을 원합니다만,
영어는 아직 교환할 정도의 실력이 되지 못합니다.
단순히 남자친구, 여자친구를 만나는것이 아닌
순수 언어교환을 목적으로 좋은 친구가 되었으면 합니다.
한국어에 관심있고, 배우고 싶은 당신에게 많은 도움이 되고 싶습니다.

Language pair: Korean; Japanese
Mi Young Park
June 21, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Total found: 23539 !
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