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Bulletin Board

Category: New Member

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Hi guys~ I need a friend who can help each other!
Hello. I'm Kyung min Choi. My friends call me Cham(챔).
The reason why i joined is to learn English. and i want to meet new friends and learn your culture, behavior, passion and so on. However, I have one big problem. My English level is poor.
So i want to help each other and develop our language skills together!!
Thank you very much ^_^

Language pair: English; Korean
Kyung min Choi
May 4, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Re:Need help practicing Spanish
Hola, yo hablo español y quisiera aprender ingles.. te interesa un intercambio linguistico?

Language pair: Spanish; English
Favian Favian
May 2, 2018

# Msgs: 4
Latest: May 22, 2018
Need help practicing Spanish
Hola, I am a native English and Hindi speaker and need someone to help me with my Spanish, which is extremely poor. In exchange, I can teach you English, Hindi and a couple of other languages.

Language pair: Spanish; English
Amyra Dhawan
May 1, 2018

# Msgs: 4
Latest: May 22, 2018
Buenos Dias! Looking for someone to chat about Native Traditions in Mexico
Hola! My name is Michelina (but you can call me Misha) and I am a college student in California looking to learn more about religious and spiritual practices in Mexico that are rooted in Native Traditions. I am especially fascinated by the Aztec/Catholocism mergings and the fact that there are numerous people who still speak Nahuatl. I love the Nahuatl language and would love to learn that too! But Spanish must come first since all the literature I'm finding on the subject is in Spanish.
I'm here to hopefully connect with a couple of people to exchange ideas and strengthen our respective languages. I would love to help someone learn English (especially since so much of it is backwards compared to other languages!) and I would love to have some help with Spanish.
I can definitely READ better than I speak and I speak better than I write. Technically, I'm elementary Spanish, but my goal for 2018 is to be fluently conversational! Will you help me with my goal?
Hola! Mi nombre es Michelina (pero puedes llamarme Mischa!). Soy un estudiante universitario que investiga la religión nativa en México! Estoy fascinado por la fusión azteca / católica de la religión que existe hoy en día.

Estoy aquí para conectarme con un par de personas para intercambiar ideas y fortalecer nuestros respectivos idiomas. Me encantaría ayudar a alguien a aprender inglés (¡especialmente porque gran parte de esto es al revés en comparación con otros idiomas!) Y me encantaría tener algo de ayuda con el español.

Definitivamente, puedo LEER mejor de lo que hablo y hablo mejor de lo que escribo. Técnicamente, soy español de primaria, pero mi objetivo para 2018 es ser fluidamente conversacional. ¿Me ayudarás con mi objetivo?

Perdóname si el español aquí es malo. Utilicé Google para ayudar.


Language pair: Spanish; English
Michelina Du Bois
April 26, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Hello from England
Hi guys! Hope you're all enjoying your days.
My name is Joni.
I live in england and I'm interested in learning Japanese and Italian. Butnum also looking for people to just chat with.
I'm a big geek so I love things like video games, movies, comic books, tv, books.
I cannot wait to see Avengers Infinity War and Deadpool 2.
I like to have a laugh and a joke. My sense of humour is pretty dry/sarcastic.

So if you fancy a chat, send me a message. I don't have gold membership as I'm just starting out on this page.

Hope to hear from you guys.

Language pair: Japanese; Italian
Joni SB
April 25, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: May 13, 2018
Hey! I am from Indonesia!
I have interest in learning some languages and making friends. Feel free to contact me. I hope we can be friends :D

Language pair: English; 
April 22, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Re:Looking for friends who enjoy language exchange!
Hi i speak english, looking to learn japanese. Maybe we can help each other

Language pair: English; Japanese
Ellen Stacey
April 20, 2018

# Msgs: 5
Latest: June 8, 2018
Hi im looking to learn japanese. I am a new zealander trying to teach my self. I can try help with english if someone wants to help me learn japanese.
Arigato gozaimasu

Language pair: English; Japanese
Ellen Stacey
April 20, 2018

# Msgs: 1

salut tlm
je cherche un(e) correspondant(e) ou plussieurs, bien entendu, pour s'entraider français/espagnol.
Je m'appelle Daniel et j'habite en Espagne.

Language pair: Spanish; French
Daniel dAnn
April 16, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: May 13, 2018


Language pair: Chinese, Mandarin; Indonesian (Bahasa)
April 16, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Total found: 23450 !
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