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Bulletin Board

Category: Family and Pets
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Total found: 514 !
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Re:Horses are cool?
They'll inteligents, sensibles!
I start to ridding at +-2 years!
I fall two times, but i never think to stop!
That's so much time that i not ridding any horse, but i love it!
(sorry any mistake) =)

Language pair: English; Japanese
March 20, 2015

# Msgs: 2
Latest: March 20, 2015
Help Please
Please some one help me with this.
i need to know how yo write the name Zirys in hindi

Language pair: Spanish; Hindi
Joseph Anzalone
March 16, 2015

# Msgs: 1

Re:I got chihuahuas ^^
Hi, I can help in teaching you english. I am Prince from Ghana.

Language pair: English; Thai
Prince Dartey
March 6, 2015

# Msgs: 2
Latest: March 6, 2015
Re:so many people walking their dogs in St. Petersburg, Russia
I like St Petersburg so much, I have been there twice and it is always magic..
Have a nice day
Sincerely yours

Language pair: French; English
October 27, 2014

# Msgs: 2
Latest: October 27, 2014
I got chihuahuas ^^
Hi! my name's bow i'm from Thailand, and i really love animals in every species, i got 6 chihuahuas and one old Chih Tzu. I'm looking for friends, if you can teach me in English so i teach you back in Thai language and culture! (:

Language pair: English; Thai
October 23, 2014

# Msgs: 2
Latest: March 6, 2015
Horses are cool?
I live in Australia and I own 3 horses. And I was wondering, are horses popular where you live? Or are many people interested in them?

Thanks, also feel free tell me what sport you play.

Language pair: English; Japanese
Abbey Farrawell
October 16, 2014

# Msgs: 2
Latest: March 20, 2015
I'm in doupt
I'm an animal lover.I love to get closed to the animals.
I think they are my friends.I like talking with them.😄😃
I used to have dog,cat,squirrel,Hamster, bird, worm bird and ants as my pet.
but I was in doubt about the act of ants. Why do ants shoulder their injured friends on their month to the nest? Are they gonna eat their friends? or They just wanna cure ?

Anyone know?

Language pair: English; French
Nantachat Ngoenchan
September 27, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Re:Activity of save dogs and cats.
Hi Shiori :)

I am Susan from Germany. I just read your mail and must say I find protect animals very nice and interesting.

I have learned English active since 2013 again. My sister is often in Asia. She told me lots about culture.

My mum saved a dog who was hit by car. With vet help, we could get it healthy again.

You write you want travel to Los Angeles, America. Are you there yet ? i am very interested in LA.

Would be nice if you write to me.

Best greetings Susan

Language pair: Japanese; English
July 27, 2014

# Msgs: 3
Latest: July 27, 2014
My aquarium
Hello, I' m Susan and I come from Germany. English is my first foreign language to learn and French is the second one. I start by telling you about my favourite pets in the free time, variety of fascinating fish in my big Aquarium. They are tropical. The ones that originally come from the river Orinoco are bred in Germany by hobby breeders to be then sold in the pet shop. I have always bought those nice orange-colored ground fish with black stripes. They are easy to care, no need special food.

Comme le Français est la deuxieme langue que j' appris, je continue a ecrire cette lettre en Français.
Je veux voyager selon l' Alsace et le Strasbourg cet automne. Peut-etre je peux appredre quelques choses sur la fascinacion (est-ce que ce mot est ecrit correctement en Français ? Simon, correctez-moi, s' il vous plait). :-) des animaux domestiques en France. Avez-vous aussi d' experience avec des poissons tropiques ? Je serais heureuse de vous lire ! A bientot,

Language pair: English; French
July 25, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Re:I want to learn Spanish and you want to learn English
Hola, Mi nombre es Juanita y yo estoy estudiando el espanol para ayudar con diferente proyectos en Honduras y Guatemala. A mi me gusta leer, cantar, y jugar con mis animales. Yo necesito mas ayuda con el subjuntivo. Jamas puedo recordar usarlo. Pues, en realidad yo necesito ayuda con todos partes de la lengua. Gracias! :-)

Hello, my name is Juanita and I am studying Spanish to help with different projects in Honduras and Guatemala. I like to read, sing, and play with my animals. I need more help with subjunctive. I never remember to use it. Well, in reality I need help with all parts of the language. Thank you! :-)

Todavia quiere usted aprender ingles? Sabe usted mucho o poco ingles ahora? Por que quisiera aprender ingles: trabajo, personal, una meta?

Do you still want to learn English? Do you know a lot or a little English now? Why do you want to learn English? work, personal, a goal?

A mi me gustaria practicar con alguien y aprender mas. Tambien soy maestra de ingles entonces yo puedo ayudarle.

I would like to practice with someone and learn more. Also I am an English teacher so I can help you.

Espero que puedamos ser amigas.

I hope that we can be friends. :-)

Language pair: Spanish; English
May 10, 2014

# Msgs: 2
Latest: May 10, 2014
Total found: 514 !
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