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Category: Opinions
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Let's talk in English !
I want to talk with someone in English .
I'm not a gold member.
I can speak Japanese and Albanian well.

Language pair: English; 
July 5, 2015

# Msgs: 1

asking for help!!
Hi everybody...
I always wanted to have friends from different countries
to know and learn about's really fascinating to me,
But as I'm not a member I can't start sending emails enitially... :-(
It would be greaaat if someone help me with improving my language and tell me about their culture..Instead it would be a pleasure to teach u Farsi and Persian culture if u like..tnx..:-)
Waiting for a nice friend.. :-)

Language pair: English; English
Sara H
June 17, 2015

# Msgs: 1

Hi i'm new in all this, my name is alejandra, my foreign language is spanish, i know a little bit of english and i hope make so much friends and learn together

Language pair: English; 
Alejandra Loaiza
May 6, 2015

# Msgs: 1

Re:Spanish Civil War and Franco's Stolen Babies
Hello, Melissa. I`m a spanish Doctorate student of History, and I'm trying to obtain the B2 English level, so I guess we can help each other in many ways.
Here in Spain, people are a little reluctant to denounce Franco's Dictatorship. On the one hand, opposite other european peoples, in Spain the most of the right wing parties were born from the Franco's Cortes (Manuel Fraga, one of the founders of Popular Party, was a Minister of Franco!). On the other hand, these claims are accused of "opening wounds of the past", "being political tactics from left parties to discredit the rival", "denying the abuses of the republican side", etc. In the Transición (the process from dictatorship to democracy after Franco's death, along the 70's), there was a sort of feeling of collective guilty: "both sides were the same shit","involving oneself in politic matters is a dangerous stuff", you know.
That topic had been silenced, except academic media, until some journalists made public that the robbery and sale of babies had been continuing until the 80's, in democracy years! Usually, lonely and poor girls gave birth on discret hospitals managed by nuns; after a while, they were told their babies had dead, and they were shown the corpse of a dead child -always the same child. Actually, the babies were sold to wealthy families, the ones able to pay the high sum that was asked for. Nuns, doctors, householders... had been involved in this network for decades, since the post war years. There are many persons looking for their natural mothers; and they often are only about 30 years old.

In the first years of dictatorship, the children of republican women who had been born in prison received bad treatement. I remember a girl called Libertad (Liberty), daughter of a communist or anarchist prisoner : the baby was ripped out from her mother arms, and smashed against the wall until death... in front of the poor woman! Other children died in poor, dirty and stuffed cells, abandoned to faim and disease. But after some years, some persons thought that, if the children of republican and communist families were educated in a good religious home, they could be recovered for the homeland. There was a psychiatrist, Antonio Vallejo Najera, who was working at some female prisons and centers of forced job, and tried to justify this measure in a "scientific approach". According Vallejo Najera, left or socializing theories are typical of inferior individuals, unable to make a life by their own skills. Cause of this, they claim for a State that provides them livelihoods, protecting them from the concurrence against stronger individuals. Furthermore, marxism and anarchism were materialist and economicist theories, that denied the spiritual values of Human being, values that had shaped the "Eternal Spain" in its Grandeur Age -Quixote against Sancho Panza. Nevertheless, Spanish race needed to be regenerated educating its children in spiritual, religious and patriot values...

Language pair: English; Spanish
Shy Spanish Girl Cardigan Mary
May 5, 2014

# Msgs: 2
Latest: May 5, 2014
To learn and teach
Hello im latinoamerican live in argentina and need help for learn the turkish or german language.... no matter the level... im a principiant in turkish .... but im decided to learn it.... by the way i can teach all that i know of my native language (spanish)... if you want teach me turkish im to disposal to teach you spanish language!!! ,any tanks and greetings !!

Language pair: Turkish; 
Edu kochen
February 22, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Re:Korean-speaker searches an English speaker to practice.
if you need to learn English, I can help. I'm korean myself.

Language pair: Korean; 
Ricky y
November 23, 2013

# Msgs: 2
Latest: November 23, 2013
Re:Gold memberships algo algo algo de oro.
membership means membresía :)

Language pair: Spanish; English
Grecia Barajas
November 6, 2013

# Msgs: 2
Latest: November 6, 2013
Re:Re:Re:Somedody interested in sharing conversation English-Spanish? I'm spanish and I'd like to share conversations and knowledge!
I need french speaking friend

Language pair: English; Spanish
deb debby
July 30, 2013

# Msgs: 6
Latest: July 30, 2013
i need a french speaking friend in switzerland
I am debbie. I want a french speaking pen pal in switzerland

Language pair: English; 
deb debby
July 30, 2013

# Msgs: 1

Gold memberships algo algo algo de oro.
No sé como decir membership en español. Bueno. Pues, a mi no me gusta esta site. Que raro que es necesario pagar para contactar la gente.

Language pair: Spanish; English
July 30, 2013

# Msgs: 2
Latest: November 6, 2013
Total found: 477 !
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