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Category: Hobbies
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Hi:) I'm Mira:) I am from Switzerland. German is my native language and I am currently learning French, Spanish and Italian at school. I am fluent in English too. My hobbies are nature photography, horse riding and most of all learning languages and learning about foreign cultures.

Hallo. Ich bin Mira aus der Schweiz. Deutsch ist meine Muttersprache und ich lerne momentan Französisch, Spanisch und Italienisch in der Schule. Ich kann fliessend Englisch sprechen. Mein grosse Hobby ist die Naturfotografie. Ausserdem reite ich gerne und vor allem liebe ich es neue Sprachen und alles über fremde Kulturen zu lernen.

Salut. Je suis Mira:) Je viens de la Suisse. L'allemand c'est ma langue maternelle et j'aprends le français, l'espagnol et l'italien à l'école. Je peux parler l'anglais courrament. Mon grand hobby c'est la photographie de la nature. J'aime aussi faire du cheval mais surtout j'adore aprendre des nouvelles langues tous sur des cultures étrangères.

Hola. Soy Mira y soy de Suiza. El alemán es mi idioma de madre y aprendo el francés, el español y el italiano en la escuela. También hablo el inglés con fluidez. Mi hobby es la photographia de la naturaleza. Además me gusta montar a caballo pero lo que me gusta más es aprender idiomas y todo sobre culturas extranjeras.

Ciao. Sono Mira di Svizzera. Il tedesco è la mia lingua materna e aprendo il francese, il spagnolo e il italiano nella scuola. Parlo anche il inglese correntemente. Il mio hobby è la fotografia di natura. Mi piace anche andare a cavallo pero sopra tutto amo aprendere nuove lingue e tutto sopra le culture stranieri.

Please correct me in Spanish or Italian, if you find a mistake. Thanks a lot:)

Language pair: German; Italian
July 29, 2015

# Msgs: 1

Re:Hola a todos
Hi guys, i am Nesrine Eglantine, i speak Arabic,English and French.I wanna learn Spanish and Hindi.So please help me with Spanish and i will help you with English.I am an English student.I love travel,yoga,sport,movies,reading,designing magazines and computer programming.

Language pair: Spanish; English
Nesrine Eglantine
July 22, 2015

# Msgs: 2
Latest: July 22, 2015
Hello everyone
Hello everyone! My name is Niko, I am from Russia, and I like to dance. I dance social dances such as salsa and bachata. I really like this, and I hope that I will teach other to dance in future)

Language pair: Russian; English
Niko Kidman
July 1, 2015

# Msgs: 1

My hobbies are:
Playing cello& piano
Dancing & singing ( but I'm not very good...)
Climbing trees
Hanging out with friends
Chess and other games
Playing with my dog
Running around in the rain
Bike riding with dog
Annoying my siblings
Learning other languages (I'm interested in german, French, finnish,italian, russian, Japanese, spanish)
Making things.
( if you have similar interested please contact me I would like new friends.
I'm not a good memebr and I will never be because I'm saving all my money for an electric cello)


Language pair: English; - Other -
June 18, 2015

# Msgs: 1

Re:Cosplay or/& Game friend (m/w)
I love cosplay and gaming.
I speaks english, and I'm learning german.
I have lots of interested and I love making friends.
There's so much I could say right now but the limit is 3000 letters...
I hope we can get to know each other.
What do you think?
Please contact me as I am not a good member and will probably never be because I am using all of my money to save up for an electric cello.
: D

I am prepared to learn more german if you want.

Language pair: English; German
June 18, 2015

# Msgs: 2
Latest: June 18, 2015
Soccer a style of life
Everyone in argentina knows what is soccer because it is a passion children grow up with it and youngs enjoy it and the same way people in others ages but what are the power of soccer to get supporters well i think that the secret is in his simplicity it is a sport that you can play just with a ball then anyone can do it :)

Language pair: English; Spanish
stan giglioti
June 8, 2015

# Msgs: 1

Cosplay or/& Game friend (m/w)
Hey, I'm Lucy and I'm from germany. I'm searching for new friends who's speaking english or german. If you have the same hobbies write me! c:

Language pair: English; German
Lucy Nymphen
June 3, 2015

# Msgs: 2
Latest: June 18, 2015
Hello, my name is mary im from peru
Muy hobbies are voleyball, and go to gym,i love to be healthy and be un shape
Mi hobbies son el voleyballq y me gusta ir al gimnasio. Me encanta estar saludable y en forma

Psdt: im not a gold member, and i hope someone contact me .i wna t to practice and learn, english im intermediate. I was studymg at Icpna Institute.
Saludos :)

Language pair: Spanish; English
May 29, 2015

# Msgs: 1

Re:My name is Tomomi
Hi ToMomi! I'm Giacomo from Italy! Nice to meet you! I see that you study art! Very good i'm working for the Biennale in Venice, the International expo siti on of moderna art!

Language pair: English; - Other -
May 13, 2015

# Msgs: 6
Latest: May 13, 2015
Writing Groups in Paris
Does anyone know about fiction writing groups in Paris. I will visit in the future for one month. Merci. TAG

Language pair: French; 
Virginia Taglavore
April 22, 2015

# Msgs: 1

Total found: 1472 !
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