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Category: Music/Dance
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Korean & Japanese Music
I am a USA fan of Kpop and Jpop;

I listen to probably a hundred different artists, but I really love the Korean groups Super Junior and CNBLUE. Also, the Korean duo Davichi and an older solo artist named Park Ki Young. I love ballad songs; Cho Kyuhyun is my favorite Super Junior member. I also enjoy Park Hyo Shin, especially his song "Wildflower" and Sung Si Kyung's "Two People".

For Japanese music, I have been listening to a lot of Perfume lately. I also enjoy "Never Stop" by Nissy and listen to a ton of CNBLUE's japanese songs. I have always loved Utada Hikaru and am so happy to recently learn she is going to come back with new music soon (she has been on hiatus since the birth of her first child and recent remarriage).

Anyone who enjoys Korean or Japanese music please give me suggestions and share your favorites! I would love to hear from you! ^w^

Language pair: English; Korean
February 6, 2016

# Msgs: 1

Into soul ,funk and reggae
Hi i`m a British national living in Khon Kaen, Thailand I used to collect black music soul, RnB, funk reggae and did some djing many years ago back in the UK. I would like to connect with similar fans

Language pair: English; 
Dave Sheekey
January 20, 2016

# Msgs: 1

can we be friend?
Hope i can make conversation with anyone, cause i am to shy to talk
Infinite and BAP are my bias, would you share info with me?

Language pair: Korean; 
fatia xidi
January 16, 2016

# Msgs: 1

can we be friend?
Hope i can make conversation with anyone, cause i am to shy to talk
Infinite and BAP are my bias, would you share info with me?

Language pair: Korean; 
fatia xidi
January 16, 2016

# Msgs: 1

Re:Re:Favorite Bands..?
Yes, we can😄 And my favorite band Coldplay. What's your favorite band?🎸
And have you a favorite singer or DJ?

Language pair: Persian (Farsi, Dari); English
Elena Miggisch
January 1, 2016

# Msgs: 3
Latest: January 1, 2016
Re:love music
I recently found out about K-Pop too! My favourite song at the moment are:

(Title - Artist)

Lucifer - SHINee
Married To The Music - SHINee
Catch Me - TVXQ!
YeY - Beast
Overdose - EXO
RingDingDong - SHINee
Humanoid - TVXQ!

I apologise if you've already heard of these songs! And I'm sorry that some of them aren't that recent! Hope you like them :)

- Shri

Language pair: English; Tamil
December 30, 2015

# Msgs: 2
Latest: December 30, 2015
music singers
Anyone know some pop singers from Sicily that sing in Sicilian that a teen would like?

Language pair: English; Sicilian
December 26, 2015

# Msgs: 1

Hi I am 25yrs old, I am a Hip Hop dancer. I have a total of 13 years experience and have travelled around with dance. Please come talk to me and tell me what you like about dancing! :) xx

"No matter where we are, DANCE is the UNIVERSAL language."

Language pair: English; 
December 26, 2015

# Msgs: 1

love music
HI, I'm Z. I love music and reading. Recently, I stumbled upon Kpop genre and fell in love with it. I loved Kim Sanggyu's '60 seconds' and 'I need you'. Can anyone recommend some more good songs? Thanks

Language pair: Japanese; Korean
December 15, 2015

# Msgs: 2
Latest: December 30, 2015
Re:Favorite Bands..?
Hello there ! can we have a talk ?

Language pair: Persian (Farsi, Dari); English
November 21, 2015

# Msgs: 3
Latest: January 1, 2016
Total found: 2163 !
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