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Category: Computer Technology
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Total found: 664 !
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Language Exchange with Android App
Hi All,

I'm interested in teaching English if anyone is interested in learning with a Android mobile application. Let me know!

Language pair: English; 
September 11, 2014

# Msgs: 1

hi to you
hi buddy i will help u to improve your english.And I am doing a degree in computer science.

Language pair: English; English
harsh v
July 23, 2014

# Msgs: 6
Latest: July 23, 2014
Re:Re:wanna learn urdu
Hi,.I am an above average student in english but I want to upgrade my level of fluency and speak english like a native .I am searching for a partner with whom I can communicate in english ,perferably british accents but american accent will also be suitable.I will go for higher studies in U.K or U.S.A.I have the ability to translate from english to urdu .learners normally get lost without translation skill. I believe talking is the best to improve any language.for me urdu is a piece of cake owing to my mother language.I am willing to help anyone.
feel free to contact me.

Language pair: Urdu; English
Tanveer Ahmed
July 20, 2014

# Msgs: 3
Latest: July 20, 2014
Chinese exchange Korean or English^^
Hi there. I'm Vina. I'm Taiwanese n speak Chinese. Nice to meet u. I would like to learn Korean n English with language exchange. Plz feel free to contact me via mail or wechat app. It's awesome for know any foreigner frds. Hope see u soon:)

P.s.I'm not a gold member so I couldn't msg to u first...
wechat id위재트 아이디 idvina

Language pair: Korean; English
July 18, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Looking for beta testers of language learning app
I am a (German) hobby software developer working on a Android app which you can use to learn vocabulary, grammar and other things.

And I am learning English for myself at the moment, so I developed the app after my personal needs. But I could imagine that it could be useful for others, too, so I am looking for some people interested in helping me to find bugs and giving me some feedback about the usefulness of the app.

If you are interested in participating, you should have an Android device (phone or tablet) with Android > 4.0. My app is available in German and English, so it would be helpful if you can understand one of these languages.

To join the beta test, just send an Hi and I will contact you...
Test will start in July or August...

Thank you,

Language pair: German; English
Christian Jung
July 3, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Re:Re:hi every one
hi, i've been working in IT for 14 years, I'm a Microsoft certified Systems Administrator and revising on exchange 2013 messaging administrator, I'm 40 years old and If you need any help with English, Im very happy to help, I'm practising German.. cheers Mark

Language pair: English; English
Mark Robbins
July 1, 2014

# Msgs: 6
Latest: July 23, 2014
Re:french partner
hi, what kind of french lesson do you want?

Language pair: English; French
Yamuna Krishanthi
May 31, 2014

# Msgs: 2
Latest: May 31, 2014
intercambio cultural
Hola, me llamo Aintzane, tengo 33 años y soy desarrolladora de software desde hace unos 10. Estoy intentando mejorar mi nivel de ingles que actualmente es un b1. Me gustaría hablar o escribirme con gente inglesa que me pudiera ayudar, yo podría ayudarles con el español ;)

Language pair: English; Spanish
May 22, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Mac programs to help me learn Kurmanji Kurdish or Arabic?
I know of rosetta stone, but are there any other good applications or resources I should look into to learn Kurdish and Arabic?

Language pair: Arabic, Middle Eastern; Kurdish
Greg Mclellan
May 20, 2014

# Msgs: 1

International characters are scrambled after email is sent
Hi, I'm new here. I sent my first email out last night, in Hungarian. That language has a lot of different accented characters.

When I wrote the email here in the form, everything looked fine. I CCed myself when I sent it, and good thing, too. The delivered copy of the email had all of the accented/non-English letters scrambled up.

For instance, I wrote this--

"47-éves Amerikai vagyok. A szüleim Magyarok. Ide jöttek az '56os forradalom-után."

but the email was delivered looking like this--

"47-éves Amerikai vagyok. A szüleim Magyarok. Ide jöttek az '56os forradalom-után."

I have my keyboard configured to write in Hungarian. First email, that's how I wrote it (using my keyboard. I tried rewriting the email a second time, using the "International characters" pop-up, but got the same result. I finally had to send a third email with everything intentionally mis-spelled to remove all non-English letters.

I know this is an issue with the character encoding, but I don't know what to do about it--or if it's even something I can fix here. Even now, when I look at the "sent" emails in MyLanguageExchange outbox, they look correct. It's only after they are actually sent out (and show up in my email inbox) that they get scrambled.

Language pair: English; 
May 7, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Total found: 664 !
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