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by S.P. Iyer

Parts of  speech- Noun

A noun is a word that names a person,animal,place,thing ,idea,activity,quality

Persons             Animals             Places         Things           Ideas                     Activity        
                                                                                                                         Writing (see note below)
Juan                   Cat                   Dallas          Rock              Philosophy   
Elissa                  Shark               School         Pen               Concentration        Quality
Teacher               Fish                  Gym            Computer      Wisdom                  Courage(see note below
Girl                       Dog                 Chicago       Tree              Kindness
Boy                      Monkey            Africa          Mailbox         Freedom
The variety makes the noun important in English
example- the word writing   can be used as a noun as well as a verb according to its reflection in a sentence
                (a)  Writing is important   (Here the word writing is an activity noun)
                (b)   John is writing his name  (Here the word writing is a verb because it is the action John is performing)
              -the word courage  is a quality noun in the following sentence
                 (a) Winning a political victory requires great courage
The words      A   -  AN    - THE    are  called articles.
They are known as the noun signals i.e indicators  that there is a noun comming up in the sentence
Common Nouns -indicate a person,animal ,place,thing or idea in general
Proper Nouns- indicate a  specific person, animal,place,thing and idea A proper noun always begin with a Capital letter
Common Noun                     Proper Noun
Boy                                     Mr.Prem
Woman                               Ms.Truman
River                                   Mississipi River
School                                 Ontario middle school
City                                      Mississauga
Horse                                   White beauty
Dog                                      Johny
Mountain                             Mount Everest
Concrete Noun- It names something that can be touched or seen,smell,taste and hear
Abstract Noun- it names an idea,feeling,emotion,or quality.These things exist but cannot see,touch,taste,hear or smell,
Collective Noun-It is used to describe group of people,animals or things.
Compound Noun- It is made up of two or more words together.
Concrete Nouns            Abstract Nouns           Collective Nouns        Compound Nouns
Computer                       Fear                           Audience                     Shoelace ( one word)
Radio                              Happiness                  Crowd                         Word processor (two words)
Perfume                          Friendship                  Family                         Editor-in-chief(Hyphenated )                     
Cloud                              Humor                        Bundle
Butterfly                          Love                           Flock  
Possesssive Nouns --that is , it possesses something.It tells who or what possesses something.
Examples - John's house   - (John's is a possessive noun)-John owns a house
                   The boy's hat  -(boy's is a possessive noun)-The boy owns a hat
                   The teacher's hand book-(teacher's is a possessive noun)-The teacher owns a hand book)

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