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Thai Teacher & Tutor: Narisa Naropakorn

Private lessons, classes online via telephone, email, text chat, voice chat.

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 Profile of Narisa Naropakorn Date: April 1, 2018 
The Basics
Name: Narisa Naropakorn
Feedback rating: 5 stars of 5 26 reviews
Self-study lessons: No online lessons
Language(s) to teach:
(N) Thai

(N) = Also native language of teacher.
City: Bangkok
State, province or region: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
  • Teaching
  • Tutoring
  • Lessons delivery:
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Text chat
  • Voice chat
    Program Summary
    Class sizes available:
  • Private Lessons
  • 2-3 students
  • Student proficiency levels:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Facets available:
  • Grammar
  • Conversation
  • Study Abroad
  • Business
  • Test Preparation

    Teaching Approach

    I believe people learn differently according to how they perceive information. So I teach each person in the learning style that suits them most. I give them two questionnaire s to complete on "learning assessment" (to assess learning style preferences), and a "psychologica l assessment" (to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions).

    In the class I use the approach called 'student centered' where I focus on my learners needs and their life style, what they really interact with on a day to day basis or what are their particular or special interests. This makes the lessons fun and lively.

    Program Description

    Conversation: I teach my students using my own series of books called 'Survival Thai' and 'Comfortable Thai' that I wrote when I was the head of Thai language section at the International Language School in 1995. I used them to teach my students who could say nothing in Thai except 'sawaddii'(he llo) to the point where they can discuss fluently in Thai to express their ideas and needs when they want to. I think the success of this series of books comes from its way of introducing the learners step by step to both Thai culture and language.

    Thai for Tourist: 2 hours short course focus on situations e.g. greeting, shopping, Taxi.

    Reading and Writing: To start I teach the theory of Thai scripts, then I choose the material from a wide variety of my own materials and news articles to suit each learners' needs and objectives.

    Teaching Experience

    I have been teaching Thai to foreigners in Thailand for 22 years and lately expanded to overseas through voice chat. My students are diplomats, executive people, housewives, exchange program students, retirees, husbands with Thai wives etc.
    Also at the same time I have been teaching English to Thai and Asian students.

    Teacher Training

    I was born in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Therefore my accent is the 'Bangkok' standard accent. I graduated
    in English Major(B.A.) therefore explaining differences between Thai and English became my strong point in teaching. I joined the U.S. language and cultural training program for Indochinese refugee in 1983 (The Consortium, Phanat Nikhom, Chonburi, Thailand), where I learned how to teach language and culture to adults following the American method.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Teaching Schedule: 1-2 session, twice a week is recommended for an effective result for beginners

    Why are online lessons better?

    If you are outside Thailand, online lessons are cheaper than face to face lessons with facilities to help the learning process both in the virtual classroom and after the class time.

    The lesson time is flexible, up to your convenience. Later I have moved from Bangkok, Thailand to England.
    (GMT+1 in summer and GMT+0 in winter).

    G et the trial lesson or fluency test and get refund later when you register for the regular course of 10 or 21 lessons!
    If you are interested in my teaching, let's take the 55 minutes trial
    lesson or fluency test specially design for your level and needs. It will be prepared from information you give in The Learning Assessment Questionnaire which will be send out to you before the trial lesson start.

    Payment through my Thai Banks for the trial lesson :
    Payment through Thai bank : 625 Baht(after bank fee)
    Payment through PayPal : 675 Baht

    Payme nt Policy: Advance payment in full amount to reserve your time is required if you decide to take any of the above mention courses.

    How to pay:

    I recommend PayPal which also allows you to pay from your credit card.

    How soon can I learn after my payment:

    T he confirmation email of lesson date will be sent to you after I get your 'PayPal' confirmation email or when I receive the image of pay slip from Thai bank.

    Please only use ‘PayPal instant transfer’ or ‘PayPal balance’.

    *‘PayPal e check’ is not accepted

    C ancellation Policy :
    1. Please give at least 24 hour notice of your cancellation/ postponement so another student will be able to use your time and in turn you will get substitution lessons otherwise your hours will be deducted.

    2. No limit of cancellation/ postponement as long as you inform at least 24 hours in advance.
    --- -------------- --------------

    Last word:

    Since I devote my time only to teaching as my one and only profession, you can be sure to get wherever you want to be in Thai language.

    I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

    Hope to hear from you soon


    Cost of Lessons

    If you have Thai bank account and pay to my Thai bank account:
    A 55 minutes trial and consultation lesson tailor to your need: 650 THB*
    (Paid back as one lesson tuition time after registration to a regular course)
    A 10 lesson course includes a pdf textbook: 6,500 THB*
    A 20+1 sessions course include a pdf textbook: 13,000 THB*
    *Before Bank and transfer fee.

    If you do not have Thai bank account, PayPal is recommended: A 55 minutes trial and consultation lesson tailor to your need: 695 THB*
    (Paid back as one lesson tuition time after registration to a regular course)
    A 10 lesson course includes a pdf textbook: 6,950 THB*
    A 20+1 lesson course includes a pdf textbook: 13,900 THB*


    Profile Creation: May 4, 2008
    Profile Last Edit: April 1, 2018
    Last Login: September 2, 2019

    Response time of most recent learner enquiry:

    Contact Information

    Buy custom lessons from Narisa Naropakorn.
    Send email here.
    Telephone contact is not available. Please send email here.

    Contact Narisa Naropakorn now to buy personal and custom lessons.

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