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Country: United States
Description: I would like a japanese or spanish penpal to teach me some japanese. I can teach you some english too and maybe a little of spanish. [: I love a lot of things, it doesn't just have to be anime and manga. I love music, swimming, drawing, writing,video games, and a lot of other things :3 Please email me or chat! Soy Katrina o Katt y yo toco guitarra. Mi mama y papa son de Puerto Rico pero yo nacio en los estados unidos y no puedo hablar bien...Porfavor, necesito ayuda~ D:Pero intiendo mucho. :3 わたし は Katt です。 日本語 が じょうず じゃありません。 ): すみません。 ^^; おんがく が すき。 すいえい も すき。 C:

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your friend teaches you something. You say thanks and that you'll remember it....
a _ig _ _ _ _!   _ _o _ _ _   _ _ _m _s _
Japanese Popular Expression Success / Happiness April 12, 2007
9 votes
If something is funny its porbably a...
_ _ _ _ _

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Japanese Popular Expression Success / Happiness April 12, 2007
6 votes

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