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by Oxana Novikova

Which two Russian words can express at the same time confidence 💯% 😃👍🤗, distrust 😏 or disagreement 😒? Those words are "ну" (well) and "да" (yes). "Ну дА" is not the same as "Да нУ". ✨✨✨ HOW TO USE «Ну дА!» It is pronounced as one word with a stress on «Да» [ «Ну дА!»] , and can add various meanings to “Yes”. It depends on the context and on the speaker’s intentions. 1. Sometimes, we say «Ну дА!» when we feel uncomfortable or don’t want to answer a particular question. ✨For example✨ На раБОте 👩🏼‍💻 всё хороШО 🙂👍? Is everything fine 😌👍 at work 👩🏼‍💻? - Ну да. 🙄😏 2. Sometimes, we say it when the answer seems so obvious that there is really no need to ask this question. ✨For example✨ Я раБОтаю 👩‍💻 по 10 (ДЕсять) чаСОВ 🕰КАждый день 🌆. I work 👩‍💻 10 hours 🕰 every day 🌆. Ты, наВЕРное, Очень устаЁшь 😣🥱 . You must be very tired 😣🥱 - Ну да.😅🙈 3. «Ну дА!» can not only be used as an answer to a direct question but also as A REACTION to something (usually something negative) said by someone when you agree with it. ✨For example✨ Из-за КРИзиса ⚠️ ❗️почТИ 🙈 невозМОжно ❌ найТИ раБОту 👩‍💻. It’s almost 🙈 impossible ❌ to find a job👩‍💻 because of the crisis ⚠️❗️.) - Ну дА. 😩😖 ✨One more interesting 🤔 nuance 🤓☝️✨ Generally on its own “ну” means uncertainty. We can translate it as “well”. 🙄 But for some strange reason “ну” might also be an emphasis word 😃❗️ It can be tricky 🤪😅🙈 In some cases in «ну дА», «да» means just “yes”, so «ну» is applied on «yes»: ну да = yes, but I'm not 100% sure about it (in some cases even meaning that person says yes meaning no. "Sure! 😏" as in "I don't believe you dude".). 🙃👍😅 In other cases «Ну дА!»can also mean absolute certainty🤓👍: ✨For example✨ Ты ХОчешь скаЗАть🤨, что он знал об Этом с САмого наЧАла? - Ну да! 💯% 😃👍 Do you mean 🤨 that he knew about that from the very beginning? - Absolutely! 💯%😃👍 🤓☝️Now you know: Apart from learning Russian vocabulary and Russian grammar ... 🧐 you also have to start practicing your Russian intonation!

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