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Mudahnya belajar bahasa (How easy to learn bahasa)

Hi all,
I'd like share to you about bahasa indonesia. Well, lets start.

Simple Conversation @ library

P1: Good Morning (Selamat pagi)
P2: Good Morning (Selamat pagi). What can I do for you? (Apa yang dapat saya bantu?)

P1: Of course. (Tentu). I'd like to register here. (Saya ingin mendaftar disini)
P2: Ok. (OK). you just need to fill this application form. (Anda hanya perlu mengisi formulir aplikasi ini)

P1: Thank you (terima kasih).
P2: You're welcome. (sama-sama). Can I have your ID card sir? (dapatkah saya meminta ID card anda?) we need it to be copied. (kami membutuhkannya untuk disalin).

P1: Sure (tentu). Anda bisa (you can).
P2: Thank you (terima kasih)

The story above tells us about a short conversation about someone (P1) who intend to apply as a new member of public library.

There is so many things that we can learn about bahasa over there:

a. Greeting
Indonesian are like to say their greeting like follow:
"Selamat Pagi means Good Morning" (Vocabulary lesson: pagi means morning)
"Selamat Siang means Good Afternoon" (Vocabulary lesson: siang means afternoon)
"Selamat Malam means Good Night" (Vocabulary lesson: malam means night)

b. Asking
some asking /requirement statements are started with the following sentences:
" Bisa-kah anda ... means Can you..." (Vocabulary lesson: bisa means can; anda means you)
" Mau-kah anda ... means Would you ..." (Vocabulary lesson: mau means would/will; anda means you)
the word -kah is an additional form to change a positive sentence into a question statement. It is different with english.

see another example:
(+) I can drive that car             (+) Saya bisa mengemudikan mobil itu
(?) Can I drive that car?           (?) Bisa-kah saya mengemudikan mobil itu?

Can you see the additional -kah? in the question statement in bahasa?
Vocabulary lesson from the previous example:

Saya means I
Bisa means Can
Mengemudikan means drive
Mobil means car

c. Passive sentences
See the example from the library conversation:
"We need it to be copied" (it refers to P1 ID card)
"Kami perlu itu untuk disalin"

Vocabulary lesson:
Kami means we
Perlu means need
itu means it (both are refference word. It is used to replace the word ID card in a sentence)
untuk means to
Salin means copy
In a passive word, english use verb 2 and verb 3 -->  TO BE + (past form)
bahasa use add di-(verb) infront of the verb to passive activity.

thats all for today guys. hope u enjoy. Happy Learning.

(any body want exchage to tutor me to be mastery in english ;D,, tutor exchange will be great. Regards)

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