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Buying things (Part 3)

by Can Pang

Dear all,
Good evening. Continuation from lesson 4, today i will share more about buying things.

Sometimes if you buy medicine, electronics, the person at the counter will ask you if you have a loyalty card or something. It’s always good to make a loyalty card if you plan to always buy electronics at the same place. You will get some discount (8-10% of points that you can use to offset your next purchase). Example would be LABI or Yodobashi Camera.

Shop Employee: ポイントカードがお持ちですか (poin-to kaa-do ga o-mo-chi-de-su ka/Do you have a point card)

You: いいえ、ないです(iie, nai desu/No) or はい、もっています (hai, motte imasu/Yes)

If you don’t have a point card, usually the person will ask you if you want to apply for a point card (usually it’s free)

Shop Employee: ポイントカードを作りましょうか (poin-to kaa-do o tsu-ku-ri-ma-shou ka/Do you want to apply for one?) or

Shop Employee: つくりましょうか (tsu-ku-ri-ma-shou ka/Do you want to apply for one?)

You: はい、おねがいします (hai, o-ne-gai-shi-masu/Yes, please)

Usually, you can put in your hotel address. If unsure, ask the shop employee. =)

This will really help to bring savings if you buy lots of electronics.

By the way, for those who like to recover fast from fever or flu, i recommend this medicine/Paburon (パブロン). (Please buy this medicine if you want at your own risk)

You can buy it off any medical store. Just tell the staff that you want Pa-bu-ron.

I remember i ate this and went to sleep. The next day i recovered. Hope it works for you too. (^_^)

English Japanese Pronounce As
Do you have a point card ポイントカードがお持ちですか
poin-to kaa-do ga o-mo-chi-de-su ka
No, i don't have one いいえ、ないです
iie, nai desu
Yes, i own one はい、もっています
hai, motte imasu
Do you want to apply for one? ポイントカードを作りましょうか
poin-to kaa-do o tsu-ku-ri-ma-shou ka
Yes, please はい、おねがいします
hai, o-ne-gai-shi-masu


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