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by S.P. Iyer

Refreshing notes

There are three main tenses-Tense means time in grammar
Present tense  - simple/continuous/perfect/past participle
Past tense        -simple/continuous/perfect/past participle
Future tense     -simple/continuous/perfect/past participle
The tense of a verb tell uss you when the action of the verbs takes place
Singular                  Plural
Present tense (simple)-routinely  action-regular
I eat                         We eat                     *The students should note that the usage of
                                                                    irregular verbs applies here
You run                    You run                      * to the regular verbs you add -d  or  ed(past tense)
He,She,sleeps        They sleep                    * when the regular verbs refer to the activities of third persons
                                                                      ie He/She/It you have to add -s (present tense)
Past tense (simple)-routinely action of yesterday or of any time before-regular
I ate                         We ate
You ran                     You ran                        * Take note of the irregular verbs applications
He,She,slept           They slept
Future tense  (simple))-routinely action that will commence tomorrow or at  any time in the future
I will eat                   We will eat
You shall run             You shall run                 *Take note of the irregular verbs applications
He,She,will sleep          They will sleep
Present tense (continuous action -now)-
I am eating                      We are eating                    
You are running                 You are running                                     *You have to just add  ---ing to the verb
He,She, is sleeping           They are sleeping
Past tense (continuous action of yesterday or at any time in the past)
I was  eating                    We were eating
You were running              You were running
He,She,was sleeping        They were sleeping
Future tense(action will be started and continuous at a particular time in the future)
I will be  eating               We will be eating
You will be running            You will be running
He,She, will be sleeping     They will be sleeping
Present perfect tense(started in the past and recently finished)
 I have  eaten       We have eaten
 You  have run    You have run
 He,She,has slept   They have slept                                                          *Take note of the irregular verbs
Past perfect tense(finished before some other past action)
I had  eaten        We had eaten
You had  run    You had run
He,She, had slept   They had slept
Future perfect tense(action will have been started and finished  before a particular time in the future)
I will have eaten      We will have eaten
You will have run   You will have run
He,She, will  have slept   They will have slept
Past participle-Present tense-Started action in the past and continues still
I have been eating          We have been eating                                     *You just add ---ing to the verb
You have been running      You have been running
He,She, has been sleeping    They have been sleeping
Past participle -Past tense-started action and was in progress at  a particular time in the past 
I had been eating            We had been eating
You had been running        You had been running
He,She, had been sleeping    They had been sleeping
Past participle-Future Tense-action will be in progress at  a particular time in the future
I will have been eating         We will have been eating
You will have been running        You will have been running
He,She, will have been sleeping         They will have been sleeping

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