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Self-study Lessons > German > Beginner/Intermediate >

01: Guide to self-study lessons - 10 types of words

by Marion Charlotte Oploh

Please note:
My lessons do not claim to be complete. They are a mere introduction to German grammar.

There are 10 types of words in German grammar,
of which six are irregular and four are regular.


01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06.
Nouns Articles Verbs Adjectives Pronouns Numerals


07. 08. 09. 10.
Adverbs Prepositions Conjunctions Interjections

01 +
Go to:
02-A: Nouns and Articles - Introduction (1)

02-B: Nouns and Articles - Introduction (2)

02-C: Nouns and Articles - Test

Go to:
03-A: Verbs and Personal Pronouns (Present Tense)

03-B: Table of conjugation of regular an irregular Verbs


03-B2: Cojugation of regular Verbs - TEST

03-C: Auxiliary verbs SEIN = to be + HABEN = to have (Present Tense)

Test: 03-D: Auxiliary verbs SEIN = to be + HABEN = to have - TEST

Go to: 04: Personal Pronouns -Nominative-

Go to: 05-A: Adjectives (Comparisons)

05-B1: Adjectives (+ definite Articles - Singular)

05-B2: Adjectives (+ definite Articles - Plural)

05-C1: Adjectives (+ indefinite Articles - Singular)

05-C2: Adjectives (+ indefinite Articles - Plural)
Go to: 06-A: Numbers from 1 to 39 and pronunciation (1)

06-B: Numbers from 40 to 100 and pronunciation (2)

In Progress

08: Prepositions

In Progress

In Progress

11-A: Greetings (Phrases)

11-B: Greetings - Quiz

12: Weekdays and Months

13-A: Listen to Millie Miller and Paula Hicks meeting for the first time

13-B: Listen to Millie and Paula meeting for the first time - Quiz

14: Multiple choice quiz - miscellaneous from lessons by Marion

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