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Read Teacher Reviews - FRANCEVASION french, russian, kyrgyz

Review of FRANCEVASION french, russian, kyrgyz by vitalii and all follow-up messages:

Rating Comments
Score: 5 stars of 5
By: vitalii
March 13, 2013

Lead Acquired:
March 3, 2013

Hours of Instructions:
Wonderful lessons


I would like to tell you how I liked lessons with Thierry and Guzal.
Guzal explained me all detail about in grammar as she’s a russian speaker. She’s very kind and push you to work well. I can see the result when I ‘m talking with Thierry. I, now, understand almost everything but most of all, I’m not afraid to speak. With Thierry, it’s easy to speak as he choose topics that I like
I can see my progress and for me, that’s a pleasure to learn French.
Thanks guzal and thierry

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Score: 4 stars of 5
By: Masoud Kalantari
March 7, 2013

Lead Acquired:
January 3, 2013

Hours of Instructions:
Recommendation Letter

I am writing to recommend Stéphane to anybody is having an immigration interview ahead with the embassy officer(s) even in the fortnight and to those who need an excellent native teacher for help them to gather and integrate much more information in a limited time which should be furnished for conducting the interview at the earliest convenience as well.
I have been studying with Stéphane as a CSQ (Cértificat de séléction du Québec) candidate from Jan. 2013 to Feb. 2013. When I received the interview invitation letter, I hardly knew how to integrate my package. Stéphane has taught me either techniques either knowledge of french,the proper conduct of interview, and many other language skills essential to any immigrants at his best. He taught me closely and guided me through the confidence which is crucial measure from psychological point of view. It was clear to me that he enjoyed teaching the students and sharing his vast knowledge with them.
Stéphane is patient, friendly, and on-time and he is always willing to answer questions and discuss the different subjects of immigration. He has been continually encouraging me to prepare required data for my immigration plan.
With his support I was granted to get the CSQ as well.
That was the crowning jewel of my immigration plan as his student and I owe my success in large measure to his help and support. I believe he is an asset to everybody's program, and that with his support and guidance many more immigrant will achieve success.
In order to appreciate him, I would like to write a few words in french as follows:

"Cher Stéphane,
Je vous écris pour vous remercier de tout ce que vous avez fait pour m’aider à obtenir mon CSQ. J’ai beaucoup apprécié que vous ayez pris le temps de rechercher pour moi plusieur d'informations pour l’obtention de mon cértificat. Selon le personnel d’admission, votre aide a beaucoup appuyé ma candidature et a fortement joué en ma faveur. Plus que tout, je tiens à vous remercier pour toute l’aide que vous m’avez apportée au cours de ce leçons, laquelle m’a permis de réussir mon entrevue, et de tout le temps que vous m’avez consacré, comme une heure que vous avez passées après les cours à m’aider à écouter mon description de recherche. Vous m’avez incité à travailler plus dur que jamais et pour cela, je vous remercie encore du fond du cœur.
Tout le soutien que vous m’avez apporté m’a permis d’être là où je suis aujourd’hui. Je n’aurais jamais pu y arriver sans vous. Merci encore."

If you need any more information regqrding him, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very truly yours

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Yana
February 3, 2013

Lead Acquired:
February 1, 2013

Hours of Instructions:
Excellent French learning experience. Much more than expected!

I started learning French with teachers in FranceVasion School in summer 2010 with zero knowledge and very limited time for lessons. From the very first lessons I felt individual approach and attention to my needs. And I wanted a lot! High efficiency at very limited time, flexible schedule, a lot of material useful for my job (tour operating management). My teachers were very patient, kind and demonstrated high competence and great enthusiasm to their work. We together went through difficult period of my problems with audition and were excited when I’ve made a progress. I felt great support and their passion for teaching. They are talented in what they are doing.

During 2 years I had perhaps a bit more than 100 lessons with 3 teachers (Eugènie, Thierry and Stéphane) and plus self-study and in summer 2012 I was referred as francophone. Some people say it’s hard work but for me learning was and is an interesting travel with exciting discoveries. Thanks to my super teachers now I can understand beautiful French songs and movies (well, honestly speaking it's far from understanding everything :-) but a lot). I discovered how many words in my native language (Russian) came from French, and it’s so interesting! French language became for me like a door to the new amazing world. And my teachers helped me to open this door.

In spring 2012 for 2 months I studied intensively with Stéphane. Due to my intention to move to Quebec soon, besides language skills Stéphane kindly helped me with orientation in realities of French Canada – how to find and rent an apartment, to make CV, behave on job interview and many other useful things.
I would highly recommend Stéphane and his team of teachers for everyone who wants to learn French as a second language. You would enjoy it a lot!

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