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Read Teacher Reviews - Roberto Tuzii

Review of Roberto Tuzii by Chris Burgess and all follow-up messages:

Rating Comments
Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Chris Burgess
March 25, 2009

Lead Acquired:
November 10, 2008

Hours of Instructions:
Creative and challenging enviroment

I was a little apprehensive about learning a second language but Roberto creates a fun and challenging enviroment to learn. He is very passionate, patient and understanding as well as using many and varied resources to keep the learning fresh and interesting. I can certainly recommend Roberto for any student wanting to learn as a hobby and also if you are serious about Italian as a second language.

Grazie Roberto. Sei un grande maestro

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Nadia Wood
December 15, 2008

Lead Acquired:
August 10, 2008

Hours of Instructions:
Patient, passionate, professional

I have found Roberto to be very passionate about both teaching Italian and seeing each student progress and ultimately realize their dream of speaking this gorgeous melodic language.

I have found Roberto to be a very patient, professional, intuitive and encouraging teacher. I believe he has the insight to understand my unique and specific learning style and how I perceive and process information, this is reflective in how he individually tailors each lesson, task and homework for me.

Roberto always keeps the lessons interesting and challenging, supported by varied multimedia programs and Internet resources.

I am constantly challenged by Roberto to take it to another level, and he is always patient and persistent in his encouragement, until I understand a rule or concept.

I always look forward to and enjoy my skype lessons with Roberto; he instils confidence in my progress and my dream to speak Italian on my journey next September to the land of my heart, the beautiful Italia!

Learning a language is for life...thank you Roberto for being with me in your support on this journey.

Molto Molto Grazie Roberto

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Beth
June 22, 2008

Lead Acquired:
February 24, 2008

Hours of Instructions:
Un ottimo insegnante!

Roberto tailors his teaching methods to suit the individual student rather than following a set course. This means that you are able to progress at your own pace and that any difficulties you have with learning the language are better managed. I have been very happy with my progress with the Italian language, since having private lessons with Roberto. Having learnt Italian at school, university and through a course at a language centre prior to commencing private lessons, I can thoroughly recommend private tuition as the most effective method of learning a language. Roberto is very passionate about teaching the Italian language and culture, and his enthusiasm for the language certainly rubs off. Whilst the lessons can be challenging at times, they are also a lot of fun. Roberto uses a variety of teaching materials including internet resources, multimedia programmes, conversation as well as following a teaching manual. I would thoroughly recommend him as a tutor for anyone considering learning or continuing to learn Italian. Grazie Roberto, hai riacceso la mia passione per la lingua italiana. Spero che tu ottenga il tuo primo posto ….. lo meriti!!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Dennis
May 10, 2008

Lead Acquired:
January 11, 2008

Hours of Instructions:
Very experienced and resourceful teacher - highly recommended

I highly recommend Roberto to any prospective student of Italian. I studied Italian by myself for seven months before being brave enough to find a real life tutor! I chose Roberto because of his lengthy experience in tutoring and his other great reviews. And my learning has really accelerated since I started lessons with him. Roberto's tutorials are rich in teaching resources and different modes of learning, from conversation to written exercises to internet resources and plenty of fun learning games. His feedback is always spot on and enables me to focus my study time at home on the right things. And to top it all off, these tutorials were delivered through Skype video conference because I live in New Zealand! And in this respect I can say that Roberto is very professional and accomplished in his use of computer resources. To anyone considering a personal tutor, I would recommend this way of learning as an effective way to keep your study interesting and motivating, especially with such an accomplished and enthusiastic teacher as Roberto.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Petra Mueller
February 19, 2008

Lead Acquired:
May 18, 2007

Hours of Instructions:

Roberto is a wonderful and patient teacher whom I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn the language.
He makes the lessons fun and easy to understand. With his unique method (teaching interactve)it is amazing how quick you improve.
From the very beginning he encourages to have little conversations and making even grammar beeing a fun part of learning a foreign language. He ensures that you have taken in everything before moving forward. I am looking forward to many more lessons :-)

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: tony hammond
September 8, 2007

Lead Acquired:
June 8, 2007

Hours of Instructions:
Very pleased to have met Roberto Tuzii

Roberto is an enthusiastic teacher and it has been a pleasure to learn italian with him.I had wated to learn some basic Italian language skills prior to upcoming vacation in Italy and with Roberto's individualized one on one help I have picked up some basic skills quickly and had some fun and enjoyed the time spent with such a competent teacher.

Molto grazie Roberto!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Alan A Fernandez
April 8, 2006

Lead Acquired:
January 20, 2006

Hours of Instructions:
Excellent instruction with a multi-varied approach.

Roberto's multi-varied approach, insight into how one grasps the languange thus able to tailor instruction, thorough preparation and smooth delivery made the lessons very beneficial and enjoyable at the same time. I would recommend Roberto to any prospective student of the language.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Teresa Redlin
March 28, 2006

Lead Acquired:
January 19, 2006

Hours of Instructions:
I have no hesitation in recommend Mr Tuzii to anyone who wishes to learn Italian

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Roberto Tuzii who I have found to be an excellent teacher in the Italian language. I have found Roberto to be kind, thoughful and very patient in his approach to teaching. I thoroughly enjoy learinig Italian in the methods that he teaches. I have no hesitation to recommend Mr Tuzii to anyone who wishes, like myself to learn Italian. My reason to learn Italian is purely to enjoy this beautiful language. Thank you.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Emily Fitts
February 8, 2006

Lead Acquired:
October 9, 2005

Hours of Instructions:
Excellent! Like learning in Italy!

I had a difficult goal. To be fluent in Italian in only 3 months.
Roberto was the only teacher who had the confidence in me, and the ability to undertake this project (and the only teacher who replied to my request), and together we achieved my goal.
Roberto is attentive to my personal needs and learning processes as a student, and always has interesting games and fun ways of teaching (often over coffee and pizza)!
Roberto is passionate about the Italian language (he even makes grammer amusing!) and I found him to be equally as passionate about seeing me achieve my goal.
I cannot recommend him highly enough! Grazie Roberto!

Emily Fitts is no doubt any teacher dream student; she has been very committed all the time, and she really put everything into it,Emily has improved over the 3 months that we had,consistently and progressively, to the point where she can comfortably have a basic conversation in Italian, and certainly ready to go and start her working life in Italy, which has been her main aim.
A very intelligent, and gifted girl, with a determination to match. During this period of time spent to teach her, I saw in her the same determination as mine , when trying to learn my English as a second language. Well done Emily!! As you said, I was the only teacher to answer your challanging enquiry, getting fluent in three months,and I don't regret a minute of it. Thank you.

- Roberto Tuzii
- March 23, 2006

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