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Read Teacher Reviews - Hye-ryung (Kate) Roh

Review of Hye-ryung (Kate) Roh by Karina and all follow-up messages:

Rating Comments
Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Karina
February 3, 2018

Lead Acquired:
January 21, 2014

Hours of Instructions:
Amazing teacher!

Hyeryung is one of the best teachers I have had. From teaching me how to write my name in Korean to holding longer conversations, she patiently and thoughtfully helped me improve my Korean to an intermediate level.

Her classes were not always the formal student-teacher setting. I always felt she was a friend and mentor in both Korean and life.

선생님께 너무 감사합니다! 항상 한국어 숙제를 도와주시거나 힘든시간에 도움이 되어주셔서 감사합니다. 선생님의 친구가 되어서 기뻐요!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Suraya Marikan
February 9, 2015

Lead Acquired:
June 19, 2014

Hours of Instructions:
No One Like Kate

Hyeryung sunsengnim is the best teacher you could ever have. I started leaning Korean with zero proficiency. In one month I was able to read and write in hangul. Her method of teacher is really simple and she's very flexible with time. Other than that, she's also like a sister figure to me. She is the type of teacher who will encourage and guide you every step of the way in anything. My session with her is always filled with laughter and stories which allows us to bond and learn at the same time.

She's the best!

She's also pretty in real life XD

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Joywyn
June 19, 2014

Lead Acquired:
December 10, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Hye-ryung is a fabulous teacher.

Working with Hye-ryung has been the best resource for the progression of my Korean. When I first started working with her, I could only speak, read, and write basic Korean sentences. Now we are working on intermediate Korean grammar and concepts and I am amazed by how much I have learned. Learning a language can be difficult and frustrating, but Hye-ryung makes it fun and encourages me when I encounter stumbling blocks in my progress. She has an excellent source of resources she uses to teach with, including a fabulous book series that includes aspects of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and Korean culture in a fun and interactive format. But she is also flexible to your learning needs. I often have lots of questions, or would prefer to practice speaking about specific topics, and she is more than willing to help me. I am looking forward to progressing into advanced Korean.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Ghadah
March 10, 2014

Lead Acquired:
December 30, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Simply AMAZING!!

I started with Hyeryung sonsaengnim almost 1 year and 2 months ago and my experience with her is just priceless. She is a person who makes you understand anything in just a few minutes. Ever since i began she always encouraged me to try things and never be shy.even though i have a few problems with my accent she always tried to help me with that so i could sound more like a native speaker. she also cares a lot and is concerned when something happens. She is understanding and willing to do her teaching strategies are simple, she is able to explain everything. Also one of the good parts of our classes is that we have a book and in that book there are some good activities that we can do and that makes the class even more interesting. i even recommended her to a few of my friends. and again she is really amazing and words just can't describe just how good of a teacher she is.

she is a dedicated teacher who can speak english fluently and is able to explain and even though you are many miles/kilos away you will feel that you are in the same room and i am very proud to be her student.

i recommend everyone who is interested in studying korean to choose her as their teacher. you will not be disappointed!!

선생님 화이팅!!! 선생님이 짱짱걸!!!!!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: RJ
February 18, 2014

Lead Acquired:
April 18, 2013

Hours of Instructions:
Greatest Teacher Ever!

Hye-ryung is very good at making sure you understand what she's teaching and is extremely patient. The classes are fun and she makes it really easy to learn the language. The most important thing is that she doesn't just utilize the workbooks for the course but she explains what sounds more natural to ensure you sound like a native speaker. Great choice!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Jeanne Shin-Cooper
August 26, 2013

Lead Acquired:
May 8, 2013

Hours of Instructions:
Experienced, personable tutor who made learning fun.

My goal was to brush up on my Korean in order to communicate with family better and teach my toddler how to speak in Korean. After reading reviews, I stumbled upon Hyerung and decided to send her an e-mail. I feel so fortunate to have Hyerung as a tutor because she is incredibly knowledgeable of both the Korean and English language. In addition, she makes learning fun by being personable and friendly. It is easy to talk to Hyerung- I don't feel shy or embarrassed as I usually do when I speak in my choppy Korean. We also end up sharing stories, experiences, and thoughts. At the end of the hour, I'm surprised at how quickly the session has flown by. Best of all, I feel that my Korean has improved a lot through the combination of listening/speaking sessions as well as the textbook and workbook exercises. Hyerung is an eager and flexible teacher. I highly recommend her!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Tiffany
July 16, 2013

Lead Acquired:
September 7, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Korean studies take-two: success, thanks to Kate!

I attempted to learn Korean many years ago, but the course I enrolled in was poorly conducted, so after a few classes, my interest dwindled and I stopped attending classes altogether. Last year, I decided to pick up Korean again, and very fortunately, I found 노선생님, and we began our weekly online lessons. I have been studying Korean with 노선생님 for ten months now, and I plan to continue my studies with her as long as my schedule permits.

노선생님 is an experienced and patient teacher, and she does a wonderful job adapting our lessons to my learning needs. She also strikes the right balance between teaching grammar and vocabulary from the textbook and practicing daily conversations with me. In particular, I appreciate that she continuously encourages me to carry on a conversation in Korean, rather than merely reading out loud what is written in the textbook.

If you have not had online language lessons before, do not hesitate to give it a try, especially with 노선생님. Personally, I find it to be just as effective as in-person lessons. Additionally, the convenience of online lessons has helped me fit our lessons into my hectic and occasionally unpredictable schedule.

I highly recommend 노선생님 if you are considering learning Korean!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: steve p
February 14, 2013

Lead Acquired:
April 27, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Excellent Teacher

Kate is an educator--not just someone with a textbook who knows Korean and English.  She uses good teaching techniques to reinforce each lesson.  Kate incorporates a lot of conversation in her lessons, and uses conversation to reinforce grammar, vocabulary on whatever the lesson topic is.  She uses a very good textbook series (Sogang).  She uses the written and audio portions of the textbook wheN appropriate.  

Kate strikes a good balance of 1. teaching grammar and vocabulary and 2. engaging in conversation during her lessons.  She answers questions directly and succinctly and is very good at keeping up with the sometimes seemingly random order of questions from me.

Kate is very knowledgeable of Korean; it is her native language.   Kate’s English skills are excellent and she is able to thoroughly explain grammar, definitions and translations in a way that is easy to understand.

In addition to the Sogang textbook series, Kate uses other teaching materials where appropriate, and is able and willing to depart from her textbook-based lesson plan.  Some examples are:
1. She has used news articles and videos from the Internet, providing translation help and cultural insight.  She also helped me practice what I learned from these news articles by making conversations using the vocabulary and grammar that I learned from the articles.
2. She has used teaching material and explained concepts from other textbooks (e.g., Kleartext) that I have been studying.
3. She has provided internet-based and ipod-based instructive materials (e.g., for me to use on my own time for studying.  She has also explained concepts from these lessons when I needed help.
4. She has offered to provide translation for K-dramas.

Kate has been diligent and punctual for our lessons.  She is always prepared at the beginning of the lesson time, and rarely needs to reschedule a planned lesson.  

Kate is friendly and easy going, and genuinely wants to see her students learn Korean.  She is an excellent teacher and a pleasure to work with.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Edward
December 29, 2012

Lead Acquired:
September 28, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Great teacher, well-structured lessons

Kate is a great teacher. I had previously studied Korean for about 2 years, mostly on my own, so my knowledge of the language is a little scattered. Kate does a good job of focusing on my weak areas and skipping over things I already know. The textbook is very useful and has good exercises. Overall, great teacher, great class.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Joshua
September 30, 2012

Lead Acquired:
June 13, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
An irreplaceable part of my Korean learning experience.

혜령 is a fantastic teacher. She has been a very important part of my recent improvement in speaking and comprehending Korean. She has always been very friendly and understanding.

The lessons we have are not like a typical classroom setting which I have been used to, they have been far more helful. Grammar points, words, and phrases are explained in depth and the conversation goes passed the examples in the textbook. I have found this very helpful with the topics that I have been previously unfamiliar with. Although, if you like the boring straight-out-of-the-book approach, I'm sure she would be willing to teach that way as well.

We have also incorporated Korean dramas into our lessons which have been very helpful as well, giving me practice in watching/listening to Korean dialogue in a natural setting.

I honestly can't think of anything about our lessons which I don't enjoy or that doesn't supply me with real hands-on Korean experience. But maybe it would be better if she could follow me around and translate my entire life into Korean? Is that too much to ask?

I plan on continuing my lessons with her indefinitely. If you are debating on whether you should contact her or want a Korean Language teacher. Do it, you won't regret it.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Teresa Yuan
August 10, 2012

Lead Acquired:
March 25, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Great teacher, very structured

I like how the class came with a textbook and workbook. Teacher was very structured and provided a lot of extra material as well as cultural information. The teacher also did homework checks to make sure you were doing your homework. It was great; I really enjoyed learning from her. Although it was only 20 hours, but I completed a whole textbook and can have (very) simple conversations with native speakers. I'd love to continue again if not that I'm going out of the country for three months!

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Howard
August 7, 2012

Lead Acquired:
March 15, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Great teacher who's efficient and effective

Kate (노샘) is an awesome teacher. Her lessons are priced at a great value. She moves with the pace of the student and explains everything very well. She is very flexible with the schedule and understanding if you couldn't make a class. Unfortunately, I had to stop taking classes due to my schedule; however, once my schedule clears up, you can bet on me seeking her out again to continue my studies. Words simply just can not express how wonderful she is.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: John
July 12, 2012

Lead Acquired:
April 9, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
Excellent instructor that caters to your specific area of need

Kate was tremendous in all aspects of the tutoring process. She was flexible in the day and times that we could meet. At the same time, she was well prepared for each session with material that was relevant and adjusted each session on how the student was progressing.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: May
June 25, 2012

Lead Acquired:
September 20, 2011

Hours of Instructions:
Fun & An Excellent teacher! Worth the time and money!

Kate is an outstanding teacher. I thought Korean was going to be hard to learn. But she made the class fun to learn though she gets serious if we're off focus. Kate is a very patient teacher and easy to talk to. She don't rush though lessons and gives us the time we need to interpret. We use real life conversation a lot. So I was capable of speaking things I never knew I know. Thanks to her I was able to use Korean with my friends and prepare be ready for the future when I go to Korea. I recommend her as a Korean teacher and will continue with her later throughout the year.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Chloe
April 22, 2012

Lead Acquired:
February 23, 2012

Hours of Instructions:
This is one priceless investment :)

What can I say about my seonsaengnim? There's not enough words that I can describe how incredible Hye-ryung seonsaengnim is. All I can say is I never regretted pulling all my guts just to contact her.

I have been interested with Korean culture for 10+ years already; first I was into the music and came the rest of it. I wasn't the hardcore kind of enthusiast but I love learning about different cultures and also have been dying to add a 3rd language in my knowledge. In the past, I had numerous attempts to learn Korean on my own; I was dependent on online lessons, podcasts, books from the library, and so forth. But alas, I didn't have that much dedication that after a few months, all I can do was able to read Hangul (but not even mastered it) and with very limited vocabulary. I have been searching for language schools in my state but the ones I found offer very expensive classes that even I don't want to invest on.

One day, in my quest to find that particular school, I have stumbled upon this site and of course found my very own seonsaengnim as the first teacher for Illinois. I was pondering on it whether I should contact her or not, and we were corresponding online for a few messages until we have started the lessons.

Yes, I was really nervous on the first class but she was very friendly that I was at ease throughout the class. I felt like I was with a long lost older sister :) That was how she approaches our lessons everytime we meet. But of course, she's one heck of a teacher. She is serious when she has to be; of course giving information and explanations. But she doesn't go point black on what the book says. She provides you with more documents that are relevant to the lessons, and I love how she gives random tidbits that had something to do with what I am learning. She is that kind of teacher that you have been looking for. Professional and not just a person that you consider as a mentor, but also a friend.

I have always believed that in learning a language, there should be human interaction. Language is a beautiful yet complex art that needs a proper and knowledgeable teacher to become fluent in any kind. Self-learning failed me numerous times, and I can say that for the number of hours I have been a student of Hye-ryung seonsaengnim, my vocabulary has widen and even forming sentences is easier. If I compare it to the same number of hours self-learning, I know I can't see this kind of improvement in me. I owe it all to her, and I know until the very last breath I take, Hye-ryung seonsaengnim will always be a part of my life that has greatly influenced me. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Su
March 1, 2012

Lead Acquired:
September 11, 2011

Hours of Instructions:
Great teacher, fun lessons!

I've always been interested in Korean but find the grammar and spoken language challenging.

Kate is always well-prepared for lessons and she knows exactly where we left off from the previous lesson. She's knowledgeable and patient but firm. We had started out with a textbook as I already know how to read, write and know some basics but have limited conversation skills. We have now moved on to Korean drama scripts as it helps with conversation and elaborates grammar points. I find myself being able to understand Korean shows a little better after every class :)

Kate is fluent in English and explains grammar and vocabulary in simple terms. She even shares slang words used in every day life (and dramas). She always encourages me to ask whenever I'm uncertain about a particular sentence (even outside class), as well as engage me in Korean conversation so I can have more exposure.

I've had a few Korean teachers previously and Kate is the best so far! I would recommend her to Korean learners no matter which level as I believe she would find the best way for you to grasp the language.

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Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Sean Brossia
September 8, 2011

Lead Acquired:
August 13, 2011

Hours of Instructions:
헤령 (Kate) is an excellent and very patient Korean teacher.

헤령 is very patient and is a good teacher. She both explains and uses examples of every day life as well as planned course material to help learning. She also assigns homework to keep me moving which helps. Even when I have made mistakes, she has given praise but has asked to repeat until I get it correct (or at least closer to correct). Since we have started just 3 weeks ago I can now read and write some and can get my way around simple verbal communication. I have used what I have learned to order at Korean restaurants using Korean and it has worked great.

Add a follow-up message (Hye-ryung (Kate) Roh or Sean Brossia only)
Score: 5 stars of 5
By: Kevin
July 23, 2011

Lead Acquired:
March 13, 2011

Hours of Instructions:
Excellent teacher

Kate is a very smart and patient teacher, with a very thorough understanding of the details of Korean language. She is able to explain complicated grammar in calm and simple terms. Her classes were challenging and rewarding. Learning Korean is a very significant challenge in which you have to use many resources; Kate's classes were one of the best resources I had. I'm going to go to Seoul for 6 weeks, and will consider resuming classes with her when I return.

Add a follow-up message (Hye-ryung (Kate) Roh or Kevin only)
Score: 5 stars of 5
By: ilter
December 15, 2010

Lead Acquired:
September 20, 2010

Hours of Instructions:
friendly yet serious teacher, as reviewed by a pleased beginner

I have been meeting with Kate 2 hours every week for 3 months now. I am learning Korean to communicate with my parents in law. I knew no Korean when we started, and language is not my strong suit. Currently I can understand and respond to simple emails.

Kate is a native speaker of Korean, and is very fluent in English. She is a friendly yet serious teacher. She comes to each meeting prepared with typed notes of new vocabulary. The book we follow is published by a Korean university. It has balanced chapters, and decent meaningful conversation samples. There is also a workbook where I do writing/listening homeworks.

Overall I would recommend her to any Korean learner!

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