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Portuguese Teacher & Tutor: Airamaia Alves

Private lessons, classes in Miami, Florida, United States or online via telephone, email, text chat, voice chat, video conferencing.

Buy custom lessons from Airamaia Alves.

 Profile of Airamaia Alves Date: January 27, 2015 
The Basics
Name: Airamaia Alves
Feedback rating: No student feedback
Self-study lessons: No online lessons
Language(s) to teach:
(N) Portuguese

(N) = Also native language of teacher.
City: Miami
State, province or region: Florida
Country: United States
  • Teaching
  • Tutoring
  • Lessons delivery:
  • Live in person
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Text chat
  • Voice chat
  • Video conferencing
    Program Summary
    Class sizes available:
  • Private Lessons
  • 2-3 students
  • Student proficiency levels:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Facets available:
  • Grammar
  • Conversation
  • Study Abroad
  • Business

    Teaching Approach

    I have a dynamic method focused on conversation, but the course can be design according your needs.

    Program Description

    Module I (Basic 1 and Basic 2)
    (Quadro Comum Europeu3 A1 e A2)
    Grammar Content
    • Regular Verbs ending in AR, ER and IR plus some irregular verbs essential for communication . .
    • Modo Indicativo simples: (Indicative Mood)
    Presen te (present simple)
    Pret érito Perfeito (equivalent to the past simple and some uses of the present perfect)
    Pre térito Imperfeito (past simple for actions that took place a long time ago or habits in the past. Equivalent to the “used to” form)
    Pretér ito mais-que-perf eito (formal equivalent to past perfect)
    Fut uro do Presente (future simple)
    • Gerúndio – presente e passado (present and past continuous)
    • Verbos Modalizadores (modal verbs)
    • Definite articles, indefinite articles and their contracted/sh ort forms .
    • Personal pronouns, possessive adjectives and pronouns plus interrogative pronouns.
    • Comparative forms.
    • Use of prepositions.
    • Usage of the verb “haver”
    Basi c Vocabulary
    • Texts adapted to the student’s level.
    • Activities with vocabulary for levels A1 and A2
    Listening Practice
    • Listening to dialogues from course books adapted to the student’s level.

    Mo dule II (Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2)
    (Quadro Comum Europeu B1 e B2)
    Grammar Content
    • Indicative Mood (simple)
    Pretérito mais-que-perf eito simples (equivalent to past perfect, basically used in literary texts)
    Futur o do Pretérito (equivalent to “would do” forms)
    • Modo indicativo composto: (indicative Mood—perfect forms)
    Preté rito Perfeito (past simple, present perfec)
    Futu ro do Presente Composto (future perfect)
    Fut uro do Pretérito Composto (equivalent to “would have done”)
    • Imperative Mood (negative and affirmative) • Passive Voice with verbs in the Indicative Mood
    • Relative Pronouns
    • Pronomes oblíquos átonos e tônicos (object Pronouns – stressed and unstressed)
    • Indefinite pronouns.
    • Augmentative and diminutive forms.
    • The superlative form
    • Regência Verbal e Nominal (verb and noun collocations)
    Intermediate Vocabulary
    • Activities and texts using vocabulary (specially adapted) for levels B1 and B2 plus authentic texts.
    Listening Practice
    • Listening to passages adapted to the intermediate level
    • Introduction of authentic news videos
    Writing Practice
    • Writing small texts and e-mail messages

    Module III ( Advanced 1 and Advanced 2)
    (Quadro Comum Europeu C1 e C2)
    Grammar Content
    • Subjunctive Mood (simple)
    Pre sente (equivalent to verbs in if-clauses type 1)
    Pretérito Imperfeito (equivalent to verbs in if-clauses type 2)
    • Futuro Composto do Subjuntivo (subjunctive Mood –equivalent to future perfect in if-sentences)
    • Passive voice with all verb tenses
    • Infinitivo Pessoal (conjugation of the infinitive)
    • Orações Reduzidas (infinitive, gerund and participial phrases)
    • Revision and in-depth study of verb and noun collocations) Advanced Vocabulary
    A dvanced Vocabulary
    • Authentic texts taken from magazines, newspapers and the internet.
    • Introduction to literary texts.
    Liste ning Practice
    Lis tening to authentic news shows (reports).
    L istening to Brazilian soap operas and films.
    Writi ng Practice
    • Essays
    • Translations  
    Module IV
    Grammar Content
    • Grammar general revision.
    • Authentic texts for reading practice.
    • Authentic video material for listening practice.
    • Consolidation and maintenance.
    In this module the Knowledge of the language will be deepened. And the texts and videos will present greater complexity.
    Suggested number of lesson hours:
    Modul e I: 70 hours
    Module II: 70 hours
    Module III: 70 hours
    Module IV: At the student’s discretion

    Teaching Experience

    I'm from São Paulo and I have been teaching Portuguese as a second language since 2000.
    Most of my experience is with executives, diplomats and their families.
    Le ssons are affordable and flexible, I just need to know your purpose in learning Portuguese and your previous knowledge if you have got some.

    Teacher Training

    I have graduated in Portuguese Language at Universidade Mackenzie in São Paulo.
    I also have a Master degree in Linguistics

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.What is your teaching schedule.
    I have a flexible schedule, you just need schedule your class.
    2.Wha t is your payment policy?
    The classes are pre-paid.
    3. What other relevant experience makes you a more effective teacher?
    My experience with all nationalities .

    Cost of Lessons



    Profile Creation: January 27, 2015
    Profile Last Edit: January 27, 2015
    Last Login: June 3, 2015

    Response time of most recent learner enquiry: 1 day

    Contact Information

    Buy custom lessons from Airamaia Alves.
    Send email here.
    Telephone contact is not available. Please send email here.

    Contact Airamaia Alves now to buy personal and custom lessons.

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