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French Teacher & Tutor: Puentedura Nicolas

Private lessons, classes in Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan.

Buy custom lessons from Puentedura Nicolas.

 Profile of Puentedura Nicolas Date: May 26, 2016 
The Basics
Name: Puentedura Nicolas
Feedback rating: No student feedback
Self-study lessons: No online lessons
Language(s) to teach:
(N) French

(N) = Also native language of teacher.
City: Taipei
State, province or region: Taiwan
Country: Taiwan
  • Teaching
  • Tutoring
  • Lessons delivery:
  • Live in person
    Program Summary
    Class sizes available:
  • Private Lessons
  • 2-3 students
  • Student proficiency levels:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Facets available:
  • Grammar
  • Conversation
  • Test Preparation

    Teaching Approach

    我叫做Nicolas,從法國 來,住在台北已經15年 (家住在中山北路六段, 美國學校附近),一直從事法 文教學工作, 內容包括:發音、文法、會話 練習、寫作、還有法文能力鑑定 考試(DELF)等等
    我是 法語專職教師,而且有法語鑑定 文憑(DELF/DALF)合 格閱卷教師的資格. 我的教學時間大多是在白天, 可以針對個人的需求設計課程. 不論是一對一上課,或是小組 上課的方式都可以.
    現在我的學生,有的是在 校學生也有上班族,課程從法語 入門到進階課程都有. 希望用輕鬆活潑的方式,讓你 輕鬆簡單學法文,或增進法語能 力,如果有興趣,請與我聯絡!

    Program Description

    Hello, 您好,

    My name is Nicolas, I'm 38 years old. I'm a native French speaker from France. I have a bachelor's degree in translation (English and Chinese) and a master's degree in teaching French as a foreign language. I know what it is to learn a foreign language !

    I have been teaching French in Taipei (Taiwan) since 1998. I am familiar with all common material used in language centers and universities. I tutor one-on-one or small groups classes.

    Teaching Experience

    Sep 2010 ~ Today - National Chengchi University, French teaching, young adults * 台北市國立政治大學,法語兼 職教師

    Sep 2008 ~ June 2010 - Taipei XinAn Elementary School, French teaching, young children * 台北市幸安國小學校,兒童法 語兼職教師

    Sep 2008 ~ June 2010 - YongChun Senior High School, French Teaching, high-school students * 台北市永春高中,青少年法語 兼職教師

    Sep 2002 ~ Today - Taipei Private YanPing High School, French Teaching, high-school students * 台北市延平中學,青少年法語 兼職教師

    Feb 2004 ~ Sep 2008 - Alliance Française de Taïwan, Taipei, Examiner for DELF/DALF and French Teaching, adults * 台灣法國文化交流協會,法語 專職教師及法語鑑定文憑(DE LF/DALF)合格閱卷教師

    Aug 2000 ~ Jul 2002 - Taiwan Anglo-French Institute, Taipei, French Teaching, adults * 台北市佳言語文中心,成人及 青少年法語教師

    Sep 1999 ~ Jul 2002 - Big Byte, Taipei, French Teaching, young children
    * 台北市大種子語文學習班,兒 童法語教師

    Sep 1999 ~ Jul 2002 - Les Editions Chen, Taipei, French Teaching, adults台北市天肯法語 通語文教室,法語教師

    Teacher Training

    education / 教育程度
    2007 ~ 2009 Clermont-Ferr and, France, Teaching French as a Foreign Language Master's Degree (F.L.E.)
    法國克 萊蒙費朗第一大學學院,法語教 學碩士

    1998 ~ 1999 Chinese Culture University scholarship holder, Taipei, Taiwan
    台灣文化大 學,學士後語文進修獎學金學生

    1995 ~ 1997 Applied Foreign Languages Bachelor's Degree, English/Chine se (L.E.A.), Montpellier, France
    應用外語學 士(英語組及中文組), 法國蒙彼利埃第三大學學院
    certificati ons / 證明
    Feb 2004 ~ Sep 2010 Examiner for DELF/DALF and French Teaching
    法語專 職教師及法語鑑定文憑(DEL F/DALF)合格閱卷教師

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I teach from Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon. I cannot teach during the week-ends or evenings, but, I can make (French) pancakes and we can go out to the park to play some ball ! :-)

    Cost of Lessons

    The teaching fee will depend of a lot of factors such as the number of hours per week, the place where you expect to have the class, how many students at the same time, one or more ?, ...


    Profile Creation: July 1, 2010
    Profile Last Edit: May 26, 2016
    Last Login: March 30, 2018

    Response time of most recent learner enquiry: same day

    Contact Information

    Buy custom lessons from Puentedura Nicolas.
    Send email here.
    Telephone contact is not available. Please send email here.

    Contact Puentedura Nicolas now to buy personal and custom lessons.

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