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English Teacher & Tutor: Cynthia Ganga

Private lessons in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada or online via video conferencing.

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 Profile of Cynthia Ganga Date: September 11, 2013 
The Basics
Name: Cynthia Ganga
Feedback rating: No student feedback
Self-study lessons: No online lessons
Language(s) to teach:
(N) English

(N) = Also native language of teacher.
City: Edmonton
State, province or region: Alberta
Country: Canada
  • Teaching
  • Tutoring
  • Lessons delivery:
  • Live in person
  • Video conferencing
    Program Summary
    Class sizes available:
  • Private Lessons
  • Student proficiency levels:
  • Advanced
  • Facets available:
  • Conversation
  • Test Preparation

    Teaching Approach

    If you are reading this, you have already shown the initiative that is required to perfect a second language. English requires the ability to move and flow, to be able to assimilate new words into your vocabulary constantly as this is a language where (usually my younger English speaking students in business classes) new words are made up everyday.

    English also requires the tenacity to learn the "rules" that do exist and how certain words can be spelled the same but mean completely different things. At first this can be frustrating but it becomes much easier with practice, and conversation with a native English speaker in perfect practice. That being said, I am NOT a grammar teacher. I know what makes sense and what doesn't and when things sound wrong or look wrong on paper, but being able to explain why is NOT my forte.

    We will work on SAT words or other word lists (GRE/vocab expansion lists) that show both proficiency and ability to converse at a high level of written, spoken and listened English (most people in high level business/musi c/art will not speak in slang and to understand what is going on you will need to improve your vocabulary.)
    I can help you to pass your English language exams but that is not where fluency lies, it consists of the ability to converse, discuss and understand what is being said and the nuance of what is said in all types of situations. We can work on high level writing assignments (essays, thesis papers, website writing etc) if this interests you. If you would like we can read and discuss high level English/Ameri can literature (things like Dickens would count, things like 50 Shades of Grey teach you nothing about language and waste your precious brain resources).

    Program Description

    I taught English as a Second Language for 1 year in Quebec (the French speaking province in Canada) to grade 6'ers. There are about 5 of them who I still IM/Skype/Face book with on a regular basis both if they have questions about English and just to catch up on their lives (they are getting engaged!).

    My background is in health care, business and music.

    I have checked that I am best for an advanced speaker of English who mostly wants to talk and hold conversations in the language because there are a great many people who say that they are "fluent" but are very very hard to understand and therefore are only fluent on paper. I want you to be fluent in real life situations.

    Teaching Experience

    Le Commission Scolaire de la Riveraine

    I taught 2 classes in Quebec for a period of 1 year. One was a drop out class where kids were forced to be in English classes but could not write basic sentences in French. This class made me upset because the kids didn't care to be there and would not try. My second class was a Grade 6 Advanced English class that I taught for 10 hours a week, although they ranged in age from 10-11 years old they were incredibly advanced English speakers and I still talk to many of them on a regular basis. They liked to play and learn and I still enjoy hearing about how their lives are developing as they are graduating next year.

    In 2004 after 2 severe car accidents I closed my business and went on bed rest for a period of 2.5 years. After I was able to move more independently I tried to get back into reading and attending a pre-law program and realized I couldn't understand what I was reading. It took me almost another 2 years of frustration and forcing myself to read and talk to people (despite old friends making fun of my inability to find the proper word) to be able to remember how to speak without halting to find words. I am now slowly learning other languages through my opera performance studies. The experience of teaching myself to read and write again was cumbersome, annoying and overall very draining but now I realize it was essential as it really pushed me to find new friends and study very hard. I therefore really do know what it's like to not have the vocabulary to finish a sentence or to speak with a stop and start pattern trying to find words.

    I now train with Ale (Italian tutor) and Maryka (German tutor) from this site. I am now able to study different languages which is exceptional given the level of injuries I suffered.

    Teacher Training

    I have NO relevant training for language exams such as TESOL or others.

    I have spoken the language fluently on a regular basis for 29 years now. I have used English in business, health care, music and aviation related activities where the utmost in proficiency is required.

    In total I have over 170 (30 more than a normal undergraduate degree here in Canada) credits from University in subjects ranging from Lyric Diction (how to pronounce while singing) to flight training (how to fly an airplane) to Corporate Finance (how to read income statements and balance sheets) to Massage Therapy but have yet to get enough credits in one subject or in related subjects to be awarded a degree. Does this mean I"m well versed in a range of subjects? For sure! Does it mean that I am unable to decide what to do and am unable to commit? Not really, I just enjoy learning about lots of things and have a wide range of interests.
    If you are willing to work, I am willing to help you reach those goals and become fluent in English.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Teaching schedule is when we both have time and can work on Skype together.

    Payment policy is a set of 10 lessons pre-paid after we work together for 2 lessons for free (over a max period of 10 days) so we can see if we are a fit for each other. Payments are made through Pay pal.

    I have travelled/stu died and worked extensively in international locations. (London, Paris, Llubjiana, Chiang Mai, Caracas, Port of Spain, America).

    Questions I've been asked:

    Alw ays the Arab guy: Are you married?
    My response: Irrelevant.

    Always the Chinese person: I can get this learning cheaper elsewhere. I don't want to pay you as much as you charge.
    My response: I don't engage with people who are cheap. I don't do the bargaining for pennies just to win thing. It's annoying.

    Always the young adult who wants to take an English exam and I can barely understand them: I want to challenge the exam.
    My response: I don't understand a word you are saying, if you decide to challenge and go to school in an English speaking country no one will be able to understand you even if you have passed the test you are about to challenge.

    Always the Indian person: I have this and this and this degree.
    My response: At least where I live, no matter how well educated you are, if you don't speak impeccable English people will not hire you. That being said, if you want to work for exclusively Indian run businesses you will be able to find work but the pay difference is massive. I have met people working on work visas here who are way more educated than any of my friends but because they are unable to talk to customers/cli ents in English they are making 1/5 of the wage.

    Always the other English teacher: English is eesy. I teech 4 $10 an hor. My stuDents pas$ their exams with fling colourrs.
    My response: Really? Good for you. Don't write garbage. If you want to text me and speak like an idiot, just please don't. It's very annoying. I feel terrible for anyone that would consider this teaching.

    Cost of Lessons



    Profile Creation: March 11, 2010
    Profile Last Edit: September 11, 2013
    Last Login: April 3, 2018

    Response time of most recent learner enquiry: same day

    Contact Information

    Buy custom lessons from Cynthia Ganga.
    Send email here.
    Telephone contact is not available. Please send email here.

    Contact Cynthia Ganga now to buy personal and custom lessons.

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