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Total found: 88 !
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Learner Name: Rajjy
Learning Language Punjabi
City, State or Province Hounslow, London, Middlesex
Country England
Wants Lessons
Delivered by
Live, in person
Description Hello,

I am looking for a Punjabi teacher who is local to me. I live in Hounslow, Middlesex.
I am looking for a tutor for both me and my husband. We are both British born Sikhs. Currently, our conversationa l Punjabi is very limited and we both want to expand on that so that we can speak punjabi fluently. Not only knowing the words but also pronouncing them correctly. We would also like to be able to read and write punjabi. I would say that our level of Punjabi is basic.

We require someone for 1 hour per week to attend our home address in Heston.

The qualities we are looking for in a teacher are that they are patient, able to communicate effectively, flexible as to dates and times (as it won't be a fixed time every week). We require someone with very good rates of pay as this will be a long term appointment, not short-term.

Many thanks

Suk hjit and Gurdeep

Learner Name: Arjun
Learning Language Punjabi
City, State or Province London, London
Country England
Wants Lessons
Delivered by
Live, in person
Description I'm a medical student in London and have recently started my course. I'm from a Punjabi family, but being born and raised in England has led to my Punjabi falling far behind my English skills. I can say a few phrases, but that's about it, so I am basically a beginner.
I would love to be able to speak fluently with family members and relatives. In addition, being a medical student I realise that having Punjabi as a language would let me speak with a portion of patients who do not have English as a first language and that I would be able to treat them much more effectively if it was ever required. I would also love to go back to India and do some work in Punjab, helping out in hospitals, health camps and on the streets, as I really feel that I want to give something back to my culture and community. Therefore, I feel that speaking is probably the most important area for development, hopefully encompassing language to do with symptoms and health problems etc.
I have lessons during the day and so lessons on weekday evenings would be ideal, maybe one or two a week.
I am looking for any teachers that would be willing to help me achieve my goals with diligence and patience.

Learner Name: mollychops
Learning Language Punjabi
City, State or Province lincoln, lincs
Country England
Wants Lessons
Delivered by
Live, in person
Description hello, i am a 56 year old lady wishing to learn to speak 'punjabi'. i have visited the punjab twice now, and love the people and the country. But i would love to be able to speak to them, and understand them. Is therte anyone in the lincolnshire area of england, willing to teacvh me this lanuage. I would be a complete beginner, so would need quite some time.I have just got back , to day from the punjab, 4th nov 2010, and want to visit again next year, i have madfe so many friends there and would love to surprise them, between now and next october, by learning there lanuage. thankyou so much.

Learner Name: malik
Learning Language Punjabi
City, State or Province london, ilford
Country England
Wants Lessons
Delivered by
Live, in person
Description i am a student and i want to learn the learn punjabi as most of my family speak punjabi and i cannot speak aswell i want to learn how to speak and to express my self in punjabi.

Learner Name: ayesha
Learning Language Hindi,
City, State or Province reading, berkshire
Country England
Wants Lessons
Delivered by
Live, in person
Description I am indian but born in UK because of this i have been unable to learn hindi and punjabi. my mum is sikh and dad hindu however they brought me up speaking english. now im older (21) i feel not complete because i cannot not speak hindi/punjabi and im indian. i want to learn both these languages as they are both important to me. first though im going to learn hindi, i want to be able to read and write hindi on a basic level.the most important thing is to be able to speak it fluently so i need to practise alot of conversations . once i have learnt some hindi i will start to learn punjabi. i am willing to pay for tuition of classes however i have not got alot of money as most of my money if saved up will need to go on accomodation and flights to india. also as my plan is to travel round india after i will need money to travel. please give me a resonable price so my dreams of speaking hindi and punjabi can come true....
i want to do insensive language clases so will come for lessons everyday i will do as many house as possible a week. also if their is a tutor with accomidation, or knows a school with accomodation this would help me alot. i can pay extra for a room. also this would be safer for me and my parents would feel more comfortable that im staying in a safe place. im hopeing to arive in india mid-end of october 2009 and want to start language lessons straight away.
thanky ou for reading my description,i look forward to hearing from anybody who can help out or even has any useful ideas.
Total found: 88 !
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