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Total found: 365 !
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Learner Name: Alexander
Learning Language Chinese, Cantonese
City, State or Province Toronto, Ontario
Country Canada
Wants Lessons
Delivered by
Live, in person
Description I am a student currently completing my final year of highschool. I am a beginner to the Chinese dialect of Cantonese. My only prior knowledge of the Cantonese dialect consists of a few basic phrases I have learned through the use of audio lessons.

My reasons for learning Cantonese range from social to buisness. My first reason is that many of my close friends are of Chinese origin and most come from Cantonese speaking backrounds. As a result many of my friend's first generation family members find it difficult to communicate with me and become alienated due to this fact.

I feel it is important to be able to communicate clearly with these individuals to builed a stronger realtionship with my friends and also to familerize myself with some of their customs.

M y second reason is buisness. Toronto is home to many Cantonese speaking citizens, a firm understanding of the language would be a great advantage in the working world especially when adressing Chinese speaking customers who may have only a basic understanding of the english language.

I am willing to dedicate anywhere from one to three days a week to these lessons (possibly more if required).
I am looking for a teacher who will give me the time I need to adopt a good understanding of the language, and will help me with my various difficulties, whatever they may be.

Learner Name: Adrienne
Learning Language Chinese, Cantonese
City Cobourg
Country Canada
Wants Lessons
Delivered by
Live, in person
Description To Whom It May Concern:
I am looking to start one on one studies with a teach of Cantonese. I know a few phrases and my nubmers from one to ninety nine. Therefore I would classify myself as a beginner.
I am looking to learn Cantonese for a few reason. Cantonese has always been a language of interest for me. As well, I will be studying lingustics/la nguages at university this fall and this is not a language offered in the programme. I greatly enjoy learning languages I am already able to speak a few differnt ones.
This is also for personal purposes as many of my friends first language is Cantonese or Mandarin.
I am willing and looking forward to putting a fair amount of time into learning Cantonese as I have desired to learn for quite sometime now.
I am looking for someone located in Toronto or the GTA as I spend a fair amount of time there. I would like lessons primarily focused on vocal communication though I would also like some written instruction.
I am looking forward to this opertunity and love a challenge. I am looking to start lessons as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

Learner Name: Guy
Learning Language Chinese, Mandarin,
Chinese, Cantonese
City Montreal
Country Canada
Wants Lessons
Delivered by
Live, in person
Description Hi. I am a man, 38 years old and I live in Little-Italy, Montreal. I want to learn simplified Mandarin, I am french speaking but the lessons could also be in english. My level is 'beginner', a real beginner. I intend to travel to China within months and I wish to be able to exchange with the locals. My priority is learning to speak and read some basic Mandarin before my trip, but eventually, I also wish to have a more complete approach by improving my basic knowledge. One or 2 hours a week in private lessons would be fine but for the moment, I can only attend course on friday(3pm to 10pm) and on sunday(all day). I wish to find a teacher close to where I live, able to adapt to my schedule and the fees should be reasonable. Someone with a cultural knowledge of today's China is essentials. The teacher should provide a private place for the lessons.

Learner Name: Gerald
Learning Language Chinese, Cantonese
City toronto
Country Canada
Wants Lessons
Delivered by
Live, in person
Description Dear Teacher
I have no knowledge of the chinese language. I live in a chinese comunity and would like to be able to talk to my neighbours and also when I go shoping. I have always been interested in the chinese culture. It will improve my living experience to be able to converse with friends and neighbours in thier language.I would like to have if possible, a teacher in the Broadview Ave./Gerard St. Toronto east end Area

Learner Name: yvonne
Learning Language Chinese, Cantonese
City vancouver
Country Canada
Wants Lessons
Delivered by
Live, in person
Description I never learned japanese before so i think i am a beinnger. I want to learn japanese because I am intrested in there culture and as well talking to my friends. I hope you will help me learn japanese.
Total found: 365 !
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