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Bulletin Board

Category: Books/Literature
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Re:studying with you

Language pair: Somali; English
Manuel g
February 1, 2017

# Msgs: 2
Latest: February 1, 2017
Re:Re:Swap your French for my English?
hey :) i search for a friend to improve my french :) and i can help u in english :)

Language pair: English; French
cma mokhtari
February 1, 2017

# Msgs: 9
Latest: February 1, 2017
Anyone can help translation for my Japanese childbook.
Hello I am a Japanese and learning English and German,
Lately I made a childbook at Kindle book store. It is originally written in Japanese and I want it to be published also in English but I need to translate its Japanese to English.

Anyone interests to help me for translating a childbook?There are not many texts.
I am not pro account so I can't send messages but if you can, please give me message or with e-mail. Thank you.

Language pair: English; Japanese
Osamu Watanabe
January 19, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Re:Re:Books with me
Don't know your favourite kind of books. But if you like the romantic novel, you only need google. This is the way I download romantic novel for free. A web that contains many english ebook is "VK". Example: you want to download ebook "saving francesca", you open google and enter: "Saving francesca epub VK". Then, let's see the results. you won't disappoint. If you need my help, I'll always be there for you. ^^

Language pair: Vietnamese; English
Nguyen Thi Dung
December 31, 2016

# Msgs: 3
Latest: December 31, 2016
studying with you
hello everyone,i would like to have a partner to help me studying english,am suffering with it...
and also i will give u the best and deepest intillegence expressions,from the ""nation of peot" exchange...

Language pair: Somali; English
maryam abdii
December 7, 2016

# Msgs: 2
Latest: February 1, 2017
Re:ghazal ghazal ghazal again
لایق شیر علی

Language pair: Urdu; Persian (Farsi, Dari)
Ahmad Agha
December 7, 2016

# Msgs: 5
Latest: December 7, 2016
my like a book
Hi!I like the book The Thorn Birds. It's novel.
I also like the book The Idiot. It was written by Dostoevsky

Language pair: English; Russian
Olga Ola
November 18, 2016

# Msgs: 1

My favorite books
These are some of the books that shaped my mind and I'm happy to share them with you:
-The Quatuor of Alexanderia (L. Durill)
-The Master and Marguerite (M. Boulgakov)
-The Idiot (F. Dostoeivski)
-Crucifixion in pink (H. Miller)
-Lives and doctrines of famous philosophers (D. Laerce)
-The spy who came from the cold (J. le Carré
-The Berlin trilogy (P. Kerr)
-The setup (V. Volkoff)
-Crime and punishment; Brothers Karamazov (F. Dostoeivski)
-St Petersburg stories (N. Gogol)
-Citoyens clandestins (DOA)
-Talleyrand ou le cynisme (A. Castellot)
-Fouché le double jeu (A. Castellot)
-Vies et morts de Jean Moulin (P. Péan)

Currently I'm reading a history book called "Les Cathares" about the Cathares who lived in southern France and were exterminated by the Inquisition.

I'm also reading other scientific books regarding the quantic theory "Dieu joue-t-il aux dés", the black holes "Trous noirs et distorsions du temps" and atomism.


Language pair: English; 
Feodor Dost
November 16, 2016

# Msgs: 1

very nice book yumi to zen
I really love this book " Zen in the Art of Archery " this book who's a German philosopher name of Eugen Herrigel wrote .
hope you enjoy .

Language pair: English; Japanese
kokoro yasashii
October 3, 2016

# Msgs: 1

Japanese books I like
If you are interested in Japanese book of titles

The Book of Five Rings
Golden Palace Mishima yukio
The Samurai Endo shusaku

but I like also Anime ( manga )

Language pair: Japanese; English
kokoro yasashii
September 28, 2016

# Msgs: 1

Total found: 994 !
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