How to Learn Native American via Online Language Exchange : Email, Text Chat or Voice Chat?

How to Learn Native American via Online Language Exchange

Email, Text Chat or Voice Chat?

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What Kind of Language Exchange?

Should you practice via email, text chat or voice chat? This depends on your proficiency level in Native American and your learning goals.

(Pen Pals)
This is a convenient way to do a language exchange. It is suitable for learners at all proficiency levels. You can take the time to use dictionaries and other resources to work on writing and grammar. Click here for tips on doing a language exchange with your pen pals.
Text Chat: This is suitable for intermediate level learners or higher. See who's in text chat now.
Voice Chat: This is recommended for intermediate to advanced students who want to work on speaking, pronunciation or listening comprehension. The simultaneous text chat that is available in the voice chat rooms makes it easy to explain words and vocabulary. Click here to access a free voice chat program with excellent sound quality.

Our Newest Native American-speaking Members

Here are 20 of our most recent Native American-speaking members that could become your partner.
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Name Country
Native Language Practicing Language Description


April 4, 2014
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
berberisco (tamazight)
I am a tax collector in the daytime. And an exotic dancer in the nighttime.


March 13, 2014
República Dominicana
(puerto plata)
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
- Otros -
soy dominicana y vivo en puerto plata busco una pareja que me quieres y me respete


February 24, 2014
Estados Unidos
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
its important to my family


February 18, 2014
Estados Unidos
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
I'm a contact for a friend in prison.


March 1, 2014
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
Já! i'm a mexican guy who really wants to learn Islandic...i think is an extremely beautiful language. I also know a bit of nahuatl (an ancent language from mexico) if you are interested i could introduce you to this (also) amazing language :D


April 10, 2014
Estados Unidos
(Bronx Ny)
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
chino, mandarín
My name is Alessio I'm an artist I'm am currently out of college I work at antique shop my hobbies aredrawing and creating I'm also an aggressive skater I'm a very cultural person I'm interested in these culture of others I wanna know the connection .....


January 7, 2014
Estados Unidos
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
¡Hai! My name is Yasmine. I live in the U.S. I'm 13 and am currently in the 8th grade.I play the viola and piano, like many genres of music,and do competive swimming. I would love to travel around the world to visit Japan and Spain,and i will when i .....


November 17, 2013
árabe marroquí
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
Hi , i'm ouiame 20 years old from morroco i would like to improve my english , as i'll be glad teaching you french or arabic if you're interested .


April 16, 2014
Estados Unidos
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
Maori (New Zealand Maori)
I'm a contact person for native american prisoners searching for someone to write (snail mail) to have more joy, friendship, hope and support in their lives. they can also tell you a lot about their culture or teach you their language. They are very .....


September 24, 2013
Estados Unidos
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
I'm a second year student at university. I picked Japanese because I found it interesting and I wish to learn more about this interesting language.


November 26, 2013
Estados Unidos
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
chino, mandarín
Hi everyone, My name is Ryan and I am Native American Indian. I'm very interested in expanding my vocabulary in Japanese, Croatian, Chinese & French. I often find myself in situations where knowing a little more than textbook teaches would be helpful.....


September 10, 2013
(ha noi)
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
hi every body, i am quan . i come from vietnam.american is a very beautiful country. i love it. the food and people so always happy to have some new contacts in american


August 12, 2013
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos


November 7, 2013
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
Hej, jeg hedder Cedric og er 40 aar gammel; jeg bor i strasbourg, far til 3 börn og er gift med Vibeke. Jeg vil rigtig forbedre min dansk som jeg har selv laere. I er allesammen hjertlig velkommen til at skrive til mig for at fortaelle hele det pa.....


July 27, 2013
Arabia Saudita
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
árabe del Medio Oriente
i want speek english


December 27, 2013
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
salut je suis etudiant en gestion. j'aime la music, le cinéma les jeux tels que le football... je repond au nom de SAM


May 13, 2013
Corea del Sur
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
i am just a very simple and nice person to be with down to earth looking for new friends


April 30, 2013
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
me gusta la cultura del idioma norteamericano me gustaria aprender saber mas de sus lenguas soy una chica de 20 años y quiero ser parte de la cultura quiero aprender de nuestros ansestros nuestras raizes soy venezolana pero por lo general no hay como.....


April 13, 2013
Estados Unidos
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
i am i fine and kind person,with good vision. looking for good and caring woman. i am fair in complaxion 5 inch 9 in height.


March 19, 2013
Costa Rica
(costa rica)
idiomas indígenas norteamericanos
i no a lot of native american languages and i wanted to learn more right now i know 26 different languages including sign languages i just want to learn more!!

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