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Bulletin Board

Category: Seeking Partners
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Total found: 27655 !
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Looking for a native French speaker; I can help with English or Afrikaans
I am learning French and would like to partner with someone wanting to learn English or Afrikaans.

J'apprends le français et je voudrais associer à un haute-parleur français, souhaitant apprendre l'anglaise ou l'afrikaans.

I hope I didn't mess that up too badly! I would also like to exchange e-mails.

Language pair: English; French
Anita Cruywagen
March 4, 2015

# Msgs: 1

I would like to learn English and I can help with Mandarin in return
Hello everyone, I am new to here (not a gold member yet) and my name is Chelsea. I love reading, music and painting. I am a native Chinese (Mandarin) speaker. I have good knowledge of my own language. Both of my writing and speaking (standard pronunciation) are in an excellent level. I would like to improve my English with natives as well, especially for speaking (my level is upper-Intermediate). If you are interested in learning Mandarin, I am more than happy to help you with that and in exchange please help me with English. I look forward to hearing from you and hope we will have a great time together!

Language pair: Chinese, Mandarin; English
March 4, 2015

# Msgs: 1

Re:Re:I'm french and i'm looking for an english partner (UK)
Hello Attie, thanks for your answer. I'll just prefer UK to avoid jetlag.
I prefer too someone like me, 30-40 with childs (A family).
I'm sure you understand that.


Language pair: French; English
March 4, 2015

# Msgs: 3
Latest: March 4, 2015
Looking for a pen pal
Hi My name is Gabriela I am 30 and from Venezuela. I am looking for people to practice my German since I am most likely moving to Germany next year.

I know besides Spanish, English so I can exchange those languages too.

Hope to find someone :D

Language pair: Spanish; German
Maria Gabriela Perez
March 3, 2015

# Msgs: 1

Want to learn Spanish
Hi!! I am looking to learn some Spanish, I can help with English.

Language pair: English; Spanish
Taylor Lewis
March 3, 2015

# Msgs: 1

Re:¡Hola! Buscando personas de habla española
I have no clue what you said but i'm pretty sure you want to learn English and I want to learn Spanish! we should be friends!

Language pair: English; Spanish
Taylor Lewis
March 3, 2015

# Msgs: 2
Latest: March 3, 2015
Hallo !
I'm new here , my name is Amira im here to exchange, looking for german native speakers.
i speak french and english so i can help with these langages ;) anyone can help me with deutsch? Waiting for a response.

Language pair: Dutch; 
Mira Gsou
March 3, 2015

# Msgs: 1

こんにちは、僕はメキシコの Cubillas Paris. 僕は日本をだいすき。でも、僕の日本語はちょっと下手。 あなたは僕を助けてください?僕の本気の願いは日本をみて。僕はあなたをスペイン語 と英語 で 助ける。それはいい、ね?じゃ メイルとFB はいいです。あなたは僕へみつけて?名前は最高手掛かり。

Language pair: Spanish; Japanese
Paris Cubillas
March 3, 2015

# Msgs: 1

In need a Japanese (native) speaker
I'm trying to learn Japanese for 1-2 months now and I would like to get in contact with someone who can speak Japanese. I don't hear people speaking the Japanese language often, so it is hard for me to get the right pronunciation. Also I'm really interested in the Japanese culture in general.

I can speak Dutch and English (preferably Dutch). Of course I can also help you with the Dutch language. I can also help with the English language, though I'm not a native english speaker.

Language pair: Japanese; Dutch
Reggy Alsemgeest
March 3, 2015

# Msgs: 1

¡Hola! Buscando personas de habla española

Soy estudiante del español y la enseñanza en la universidad, y estoy practicando para la entrevista de competencia oral de ACTFL que viene en unas semanas. Busco por hispanohablantes nativos para practicar mi español. Mi profesora de español me dice que mi nivel es cerca de "avanzado," y quiero mucho alcanzar al nivel "superior," que incluye el hipótesis y la conyetura, las recomendaciones, y los planes para el futuro. También tendré que hacer cosas más sencillas, como narrar en el pasado y describir mi vida diaria. Yo agradecería cualquier ayuda que se pueda ofrecerme. Desafortunadamente, no tengo una cuenta de oro; por eso, hay que mandarme un mensaje.

¡Muchas gracias por la ayuda! :)


PD: También ayudaría a quienquiera que desee practicar el inglés, mi idioma natal. :)

Language pair: English; Spanish
Ashley Hibbard
March 2, 2015

# Msgs: 2
Latest: March 3, 2015
Total found: 27655 !
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