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Bulletin Board

Category: Vacations/Travels
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I am going to China, Can someone help me decide which location I should choose.
I applied for a summer camp which will be in china over the summer for two weeks.
I was accepted!
I am so happy except now they are giving the accptants choices for where they want to go and they will choose by the majority vote.
I need help deciding though.
There are two destinations where our main focus will be Chinese Folk Art they are Tian Jin and Hu Nan.
We will focus on Chinese Ethnic culture if we go to Ji lin.
We will learn about the history in either Shan Dong or Zhe Jiang.
The last one which is already my first choice, He Nan where we will learn about Martial Arts
Any place we go there will be lessons on the history and about the language.
Any suggestions? I am researching these different places and topics except it is really hard to choose my second and third choices.
I will be going from July 17th to August 1st, so that is 2 weeks and one day.

I am not really into art but I don't think that I will be dissapointed.

Language pair: English; Chinese, Mandarin
April 14, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Buenos aires
Hello, I'm from Brazil and I'm going to buenos aires. I would like to have somebody to talk to before I go, so I can practice and learn a bit more. If you are from buenos aires and want to practice Portuguese, please contact me....

Language pair: Portuguese; Spanish
Icaro Muniz
April 6, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Traveling to Prague in April.
Hello. My name is Jim and I am from New York. I will be visiting Prague in April and would like to converse with a native Czech speaker while I am there. I, in return, would happily help anyone with English if they wish to practice.

Language pair: English; Czech
April 1, 2014

# Msgs: 1

New Zealand
I'm currently on a one year holiday in New Zealand and loving this beautiful country. If anyone is planning on visit I'd recommend you checking out some of these things:

Baldwin Street - Dunedin (steepest street in all of New Zealand)
Quakecity - Christchurch (museum of the two earthquakes that hit Christchurch in Sept 2010 and Feb 2011. Changed CC forever)
Natural Flames Expereince - Murchinson (Flames that burn by themself in a forest, been burning since 1929 when discovered by two hunters and haven't gone out once)
Bridge to Nowhere - Whanganui(Remains of what was once supposed to be a settlement that has since been abandoned)
Tongario Alpine Crossing - National Park (It's a lovely 19.4km walk)
White Island - Whakatane (Amazing volcano experience)
Waikato Balloon Festival - Hamilton (Hot air balloon festival that happens every year at end of March)

This is just some of the cool stuff you can do in New Zealand. If you've ever been what was your favourite thing that you did in New Zealand?


Language pair: English; German
Shannon O
March 15, 2014

# Msgs: 1

we can help each other
I want to practice my english and i can teach you chinese also.I settle in Australia recently.I find I have many difficulty to communicate with other people.

if you were in Brisbane , that is great ,so we can talk face to face.

Language pair: Chinese, Mandarin; English
zhifeng wang
March 6, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Caminho Português para Santiago
Olá, gostaria de dicas para o caminho de Santiago iniciando em Portugal; aproveito este assunto para começar a pratica meu inglês ou italiano; idiomas que quero aprimorar e aprender respectivamente, interesso-me por temas como viagens, cultura, arte, gastronomia.
Trabalho com turismo e caso precisem de dicas sobre o Brasil, em especial o nordeste podem inscrever-me.

Language pair: Portuguese; English
Nara Gonçalves
March 3, 2014

# Msgs: 1

I need someone that will help me with an invitation letter (in other to process my Visa) to study or visite europe excahange of anything
I can help in English 80%

Language pair: English; English
john Ding
February 22, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Re:travelling south america
Hola! a que parte de sudamerica vienes? If you need help with your spanish or tips for you're travel i'm glad to help!

Language pair: English; Spanish
Camila Hoyuela
February 18, 2014

# Msgs: 2
Latest: February 18, 2014
Re:Re:english vs spanish
If you need help with your spanish i'm glad to help!

Language pair: English; Spanish
Camila Hoyuela
February 18, 2014

# Msgs: 3
Latest: February 18, 2014
viaje a holanda - trip to Netherland
hi my friends!!! I´m going to netherland on March about 1 week, and I will like to know someone (women) to help me with the language and we can ride in bike arround the city (eindhoven) I arrive on 14th march.
please someone can help me!
write soon

Language pair: English; Spanish
sebastian valdivia
February 17, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Total found: 2471 !
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