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Bulletin Board

Category: Vacations/Travels
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Re:Exchange: language + housing
Hi there Rafa! I want to learn your language:-)

Language pair: English; Spanish
December 9, 2014

# Msgs: 2
Latest: December 9, 2014
Travelling to Berlin in May 2015 ... Need Tips ... and Language Practice
Hi. I'm travelling to Berlin in May 2015 for a month. I've never been before. I am very interested in German Culture, especially art, music and language. Want to take lots of photos. Cheers.

Language pair: English; German
Warren Gillespie
December 1, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Exchange: language + housing
Hello my name is Rafa. I want to learn English. I speak poorly. I can teach Spanish. I am 49 years old. I like all sports and travel. I am interested in language exchange + housing in July or August. I have an independent living in Spain, Málaga (Torrox Costa). I live in a separate one 5 minutes.
Hola me llamo Rafa. Quiero aprender inglés. Hablo poco y mal. Yo puedo enseñar español. Tengo 49 años. Me gustan todos los deportes y viajar. Estoy interesado en intercambio de idioma+vivienda en julio o agosto. Dispongo de una vivienda independiente en España, Málaga (Torrox costa). Yo vivo en otra aparte a 5 minutos.

Language pair: English; Spanish
rafa costa
November 29, 2014

# Msgs: 2
Latest: December 9, 2014
Meet new friends

I love traveling and making new friends all around the world.. I am originally from a small country Maldives.. Have travelled to Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Emirates, Kenya and Tanzania.. Loved learning the culture from the locals ..

In January I will be in Paris & Amsterdam for work .. But I am hoping to make some friends there to meet up..

Hope I get to ..

Language pair: English; French
November 28, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Re:looking for new friends all over the world
Hi Catherine,
I read your message and it interested me that you are in Paris and are looking to travel to other cities and countries. I am Scottish and am now back living in Scotland but have been visited many countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Kenya, Canaries, Spain but I have only visited France briefly for a day trip to Boulogne.
I have never been to Russia but as I love travelling, beautiful locations and exgiting culures,I believe I would really enjoy St Petersburg.
There are many other places and civilisations, historical and modern which I will visit in the future and a friend to explore them with would be wonderful.

I do know some friends who i go travelling with but as I think that you will agree, in life we can never have too many friends.

I would also liketo learn how to speak another language properly, but everytime I start to learn one, there has always been other more important things to attend to, this time I am determined to learn French. Hopefully with help from some-one like yourself I will succeed this time.

i look forward to hearing from you in the near future and send you my best wishes in your search for friends from over the world,

Best wishes


Language pair: English; French
November 25, 2014

# Msgs: 2
Latest: November 25, 2014
Netherlands Antilles
Is there anyone here from the Netherlands Antilles? I am looking into possibilities of going there sometime mid-2015 to live and work, and would love to hear what it is like from someone local.

Language pair: English; English
November 11, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Perú is beautifull
Hello Peru is a beautiful country has variety of fruits and many interesting and historical especially varied climates and lime that has the mix of city and sea places dare hope to know Peru

Language pair: Italian; Portuguese
ely zacha
November 9, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Hello. I'm from Brasil and I'm going to Europe in the end of the year, that's why i'm trying to improve my english in this site. I'm going to Paris, amsterdan and London. If someone knows any good advices from these places, please tell me.:)
Sorry about my terrible english..rsrs

Language pair: English; Portuguese
Anna Carolina
November 2, 2014

# Msgs: 1

Re:Munich, Austria, or Eastern Europe Sprin 2015
Hi I'm Arry.
I'm from Taiwan
I want to practice my English Speaking.
I can tell you something about Asia culture if you want to know.
Please, contact me.

Language pair: English; 
Arry Chang
October 29, 2014

# Msgs: 2
Latest: October 29, 2014
I am interested in learning turkish. :)
Write to me if you want me to help you with English.

Language pair: Turkish; English
Frankie Graz
October 29, 2014

# Msgs: 5
Latest: October 29, 2014
Total found: 2532 !
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